What is a White Card?

Let's have a look at the basics and find out what a white card is. A White Card is a legal requirement for those who wish to work in the construction industry. A white card is aimed to provide individuals with the skills and knowledge of how to operate on a job site safely to protect themselves and other people from dangerous situations.

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Recommended Training Providers

There are hundreds of white card training providers throughout Australia. Therefore it is really important to do your research and find a training provider that suits your location and your budget. We found some of the best and cheapest training providers for you so check them out.  

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Is the Qualification Nationally recognised?

Authorities in Australia have come to mutual agreement and created a nationally recognised occupational health and safety certificate - which is now the white card. So, if you complete your training in one state then you can work in the construction industry in any state in Aus*.  

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Safety Training Online

The Occupational Health and Safety Certificate - The White Card, can now be completed online through numerous institutions. Therefore if you would prefer to complete the white card training in the comfort of your own home then you can complete it online and it will generally take around 4 hours to complete the course.  

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Safety Training

Safety Training is required for anyone working in the construction industry in Australia. The aim is to ensure that employers and employees are providing a safe environment and maintaining their legal requirement outlined by occupational health and safety legislation. We take a look at what safety training is and who needs to complete it.

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Looking To Complete Your Construction Safety Card? We Have Found All the Information You Need To Find the Right Training Provider For You

White Card

So you’ve decided you want to start working in the construction industry and know you need to get a White Card?

We’ve designed this website for you to provide you with all the right information you need to get your White Card certification. It is encouraged that you obtain your white card in the state you want to work, however once it has been completed it is recognised nation wide. Choose the city or state you want to work in on the map opposite and we’ll explain everything you need to know about completing your white card. We aim to cover the legal requirements, how long the white card course takes to complete, who has to complete their white card, what you should expect to pay for your white card and which training providers offer some of the best courses. So have a look around the site, click on your state on the map provided and if you have any questions about completing your White Card then please feel free to send us a message via out contact us page or leave a comment on a page and one of our staff will respond as soon as possible.

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