Guide to Becoming a Carpenter

A Guide to Becoming a Competent Carpenter


Carpentry is a skill-based job. A carpenter works chiefly with wood. He is responsible for assembling of materials and the execution of architectural plans. The field of carpentry is not just manually satisfying but also monetarily rewarding. Depending on the company and the level of expertise, there is a wide scope for carpenters to receive substantial remuneration.

With the emergence of a variety of construction companies, there is no dearth of opportunities for efficient carpenters. Therefore, if working with wood excites you, then carpentry could be the perfect occupation for you.

Skills that will help you become a better carpenter

Carpentry is a competitive profession. Hence, you will have an edge over your peers if you acquire a few particular skills. Firstly, your math skills should be good, especially geometry. You will be given assignments and will be expected to finish them using the available resources. Your employer will appreciate it if you can fulfil the assignment ?

Open-minded approach is also an important characteristic for getting success. In this field, you will come across a variety of unusual designs. When you keep a broader outlook, you will be able to grasp the unique requirements more easily.

How to acquire training in carpentry for Working in construction in Australia

You can opt for either a full time or a part time course in carpentry in a Tafe College and get Certificate III. The maximum duration of this course is 3 years. If you are working, you may choose an online course in carpentry or the distance learning mode.

Many community colleges and trade schools also offer training courses in carpentry. These study options are great when you are working as an apprentice in a company. Along with the job experience, you can hone your skills which will open new doors for better opportunities.

What will you learn in the training?

The training in carpentry for Working in construction in Australia will start from the basics. You will learn how to use power tools safely and interpret designs correctly. In the advanced units of the course, you will be given training in the use of power tools, safely work at heights, etc. As practical knowledge, you will be provided training to carry out operations like levelling, construction of frames, eaves etc.

Apprenticeship is essential for gaining proper employment. Many companies employ apprentices. By becoming an apprentice in a company, you can practice and improve the skills you have learnt in the training. You will also receive regular remuneration.

What kind of jobs will you do as a carpenter?

When Working in construction in Australia as a carpenter, your responsibilities will include:

  • Scrutinizing drawings of structures and determining the best procedure for their execution
  • Erection of a house frame
  • Making layouts for structures and preparing them to be installed
  • Deciding the kind of timber and other materials to be used
  • Cutting timber to size using hand tools or power equipment
  • Installation of timber floors
  • Repair of current structures

After working for a few years, you will also have the opportunity of establishing your own business. You will receive job assignments from various construction companies. You may work solo or employ carpenters to assist you in your company.

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