Dealing With Stress in Construction

How to Deal with Stress Working in Construction

Working in construction is exciting. It’s as far away from the office as you can get, and no single day is the same. In fact, construction work is almost too exciting, according to recent statistics that reveal that workers in this industry experience some of the highest levels of stress in Australia. But what causes stress on a construction site? And how can you manage stress when it strikes?

Major Causes of Stress in the Construction Industry

Many construction workers cite on-the-job dangers as key stressors in the work environment. Indeed, the potential hazards on a construction site are numerous, and crew members need to be extra-careful so as to avoid accidents and other potentially dangerous incidents.

Experts also believe that with the recent boom in the Australian construction industry, construction workers are under more pressure than ever before. Looming deadlines and the increased burden to constantly deliver are causing many crew-members to feel overwhelmed. Extended working hours are also doing little to ensure that construction workers are rested enough to handle their responsibilities. How, then, to handle some of these stressors? Here are some personal strategies you can adopt.

Develop Healthy Thinking Habits

It’s important to realise that you’re not superhuman. After all, you can only cram so much work into a single eight-hour work period. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you can’t match your own expectations. Be realistic and set attainable goals. This also applies to perfectionism. If you feel you have the tendency to lose the bigger picture in fretting and micromanaging, step away from the task at hand adopt a more relaxed approach.

Positive thinking will also benefit your work, not to mention the general morale of the rest of the working crew. Maintain a good, positive outlook on your work by being aware of your achievements, however small. Pat yourself on the back for every goal met, and be sure to congratulate your co-workers as well. It also helps to have a sense of humour when things get difficult.

Create a Healthy Support Base at Work

Make friends with your colleagues – they’ll be sure to help you through the tough times and have your back with you’re feeling overwhelmed. Reciprocate by being there for your work mates. This generosity of spirit will help create a relaxed, happy and productive work environment.

If you feel you need to vent, don’t keep it all in. Find someone who’ll be a trustworthy confidante, and don’t be shy to let off some steam if the moment calls for it. This will ensure that you get the support and empathy you need to keep working in a healthy manner.

Take Time Out

If the working day is really getting under your skin, remove yourself from the situation at hand. Go for a walk on your lunch break, listen to some music, or sit on a patch of grass with a newspaper. These simple activities will take the edge off the day and provide you with the space you need to breathe.

Stress at work doesn’t only affect the productivity of the team. It can have disastrous consequences for your physical well-being and personal relationships. If you feel you may need to reach out, don’t be afraid to do so!



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