Emergency Plans for Construction Site Workplace


Emergency plans for construction site workplace

The construction industry is the most risky industry to work in. This is due to the fact that this industry involves a lot of manual and heavy work which is required to be undertaken, with the help of heavy duty machinery designed for this work. It requires great technical knowhow to be able to operate the machines safely and reduce the chance of accidents occurring. However, despite the numerous measures that have been put in place in the construction industry, accidents and other fatalities still occur. When these accidents occur, emergency response is usually very important to ensure that accidents are contained before they get out of hand.

Describing an emergency action/response plan

An emergency response plan is a detailed procedural plan that has all the necessary expected actions that employees and employers are required to take in times of accidents. All employers in the construction industry are required to ensure that they have a perfect and well spelt out action plan  to counter accidents in their workplace. The best emergency response plan should be inclusive of different aspects such as assembly points, first aid tips and location (and use) of all safety enhancement gadgets and tools in the workplace.

It is very easy for employers and other stake holders in the construction industry to come up with the best emergency plan for use in their workplaces. The preparation of these plans only requires one to be able to understand the risks and hazards that exists in your work place. It is also important to ensure that you understand the possible hazards that can easily arise with these risks and also be able to know how you can effectively avert their occurrence.

What should be in an emergency action plan?

There are different essential details and strategies that must be included in every emergency action plan. This is because these details and strategies form the basis of enhancing the efficiency of these programs. There should always be a clearly defined method for reporting fires and/or other emergencies that may occur in the workplace. In addition to this, there should also be a very effective evacuation procedure and policy of transferring victims to points where they can get first aid and consequent treatment. In the evacuation policy and procedures, it is also important to include specific details such as departments and their heads where workers can get a better interpretation of all the details in the emergency action plan.

Alerting workers in cases of emergencies

When an emergency occurs, it is extremely important to ensure that workers are alerted accordingly on the occurrence of the emergencies. The best and easiest way to alert workers about emergencies is through an alarm system. The alarm system of choice should be familiar to the workers to ensure that workers are able to respond accordingly. In times of emergencies, it is important to ensure that every worker is aware of a safe emergency assembly point to run to. This helps in ensuring that emergency situations are contained effectively.

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