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How to Get a Job in Construction in Australia

The Australian construction industry is vast. Whether you’re looking for work in building, management, carpentry or plumbing, there is plenty of work to be found through contractors, sub-contractors, private businesses and even your municipality. How, then, to find the right job in construction? Here are some tips.

Find Your Area of Expertise

Think about what kind of work you want to do. If you’re interested in project management, you’ll be working mainly with budgets, paperwork, project plans and other forms of administration. These jobs usually require the applicant to hold a degree in engineering, business, architecture or construction management.

If, however, you want to get your hands dirty, consider work in the labour field. The possibilities here are endless.  You can work in masonry, electrics, plumbing, drywall crafting, wood frame designing, concrete and painting – just to name a few. These jobs won’t require any university tuition, but you’ll need a High School certificate. If you want to get a leg up on the competition, source a good training or apprenticeship in your field of choice. Local trade unions are a good place to start, and they might even help you find placement with a reputable company.

Research Companies in Your Area

Once you have chosen an area of specialisation, browse the web – or your local newspaper – and learn about the companies operating within your district. Perhaps even checkout big job recruiting websites like SEEK or Career One.  This will help you find out where the demand for work lies. It will also teach you about the current local trends in construction. Find out about all the latest developments in the industry. What, for example, are the forecasts for construction in the residential and commercial sectors? This information will thoroughly prep you for an interview, and will also give you the chance to show off your knowledge of local construction affairs.


Once you have compiled a list of reputable construction companies, send them your CV. Remember to follow up your application with a phone call or visit. Hiring staff are more likely to remember you if you make the effort to stay in touch. Make contact with contractors who aren’t hiring. Express an interest in the work they do and send through your CV anyway. They’ll be impressed with your initiative and might provide a job for you when an opening comes up.

White Card

Before you even set foot on a construction site, you have to get a White Card. This is issued after you have completed mandatory training through a registered training organisation on health and safety in the construction industry. A White Card course will teach you about all of the occupational hazards associated with work on a construction site. It instructs on how to identify and trouble-shoot these hazards as they come up in the work situation. It also shows learners how to effectively manage injury on the work site, and how to report and communicate incidents to the management committee. White Card courses are affordable, and can be completed in class or online. Click here to find out more about the training.

By sticking to these strategies, you’ll be able to land an exciting construction job quickly. Be committed, enthusiastic and driven, and you’ll succeed in any sector.

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