Lost Your White Card?

What to Do if You Lose Your White Card?

A white card is an essential qualification for anyone who is considering a career in construction. It is formally recognised as a Work Safely in the Construction Industry Card, of the unit CPCCCOH1001A. It shows that the holder has completed the necessary induction course in construction health and safety and possesses all of the skills and knowledge to work responsibly in the industry.

Anyone involved in construction – whether actively or passively – needs a white card in order to step onto a construction site in Australia. This applies to surveyors, land auditors and inspectors. Even project managers, architects and supervisors need white cards. It also goes without saying that plumbers, electricians, carpenters, excavators, painters, bricklayers, landscapers and plasterers require this qualification.

White card control in Australia is very strict, and it’s possible to be fined up to 3000 dollars if you’re caught on a construction site without one. Construction companies can also lose up to 11 000 dollars in fines if they hire workers who do not possess white cards.

With the stakes so high, stepping onto a construction site without a white card is risky business. What, then, if you lose your white card? The good news is that there are many measures in place to ensure that lost white cards are quickly replaced. Here is some state-specific information on how to replace a lost white card.

Australian Capital Territory

If you work in this state and have lost or damaged your white card, go online and download the ACT application form for a replacement. You can then submit the completed application form in person at the Office of Regulatory Services at 255 Canberra Avenue, Fyshwick. You can also mail the form to GPO Box Canberra, ACT, 2601.

Note that in-person form submissions must be accompanied by the appropriate fee and some proof of identification. Luckily, this process is very swift and most applicants receive their new white cards over the counter. It usually takes up to seven days for a white card to be replaced through mailed application forms.


In Queensland, you can simply contact the Registered Training Organisation through which you completed your training and request a card replacement. Most RTOs retain the records of all the trainees who have successfully completed their white card training. Should your RTO no longer be in operation, and you’re wondering where you records went, contact Training Services at 1300 369 935.


Applications for white card replacements in Tasmania can also be downloaded from the web. Properly complete the form – don’t leave out any important details – and send it to Workplace Standards Tasmania. An application fee also applies.

New South Wales

Here, contact your RTO with a statement of certificate of attainment. This document should have been given to you on completion of your white card training. You also need to provide ID documentation and a card replacement fee. It’s also possible to replace your card through WorkCover NSW. Download their replacement form at www.workcover.nsw.gov.au and contact them via phone at 13 10 50.

If you lose your white card, don’t panic. There are many reliable systems in place to make sure you’ll be up and working in no time.


If you’re in Victoria and your white card is lost then contact the RTO where you complete your white card training. You will generally need to have a certificate of attainment and provide them with ID documentation and you’ll generally have to pay a white card replacement fee.

Alternatively get in touch with the victorian licensing branch and they’ll be able to point you in the right direction to replace your lost white card.

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