Other Construction Courses

What Other Construction Courses Are Available?

Getting a job in construction is pretty straightforward. Most aspiring workers sign up for apprenticeships in their chosen fields. An apprenticeship allows you to come to grips with the job in a real-time work situation – plus you get paid. But what if you want to delve a little deeper? These days, many colleges in Australia offer courses in construction. Here, you will develop all of the practical skills you need to become a competent construction worker. You’ll also receive the right theoretical knowledge to back these skills up. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular construction courses in the country.


This age-old trade involves creative and innovative work with wood. A good carpentry course will show you how to handle all of the necessary tools and materials for woodwork. You will also learn how to construct frames for ceilings, walls and doors. Roof and eave installation are also important components of the course. Certain units are also concerned with financial matters, such as the management of small-to-medium sized businesses.


The Australian construction industry is currently experiencing a mini boom in projects, meaning that companies are hungry for hard-working bricklayers. A bricklaying course kicks off with clear units on how to plan and prepare for any building endeavour. You will learn about all of the essential bricklaying tools and materials. There are also specialised courses on masonry, in which trainees develop the necessary skills for the building of walls, steps, stairs, veneers and arches. Bricklaying courses also teach learners about the financial management of projects.

General Building and Construction Management

If you feel you’re more geared to a position in supervision, then a general building management course is for you. Not only does this course stand alone as an impressive Diploma of Building and Construction, but it can also feed into a Bachelor of Construction Management Degree. Units will show you how to plan, prepare for and initiate building projects. You will also learn about the management of project quality, and the application of these principles to the maintenance of tools and equipment. All management courses also teach you how to manage workplace health and safety, as well as external customer liaisons.

Landscape Construction

This is a hands-on, practical course that can be applied to residential, commercial and civil projects. Units include the theory and practice of good drainage and earthworks. Courses also teach learners how to manage surfaces, including the creation of pathways, paving and turf. If you have a knack for working with plants, a landscape construction course will show you how to construct and plan a garden. You will also learn about garden irrigation systems.


Do you want to get the edge on in the competition for a plumbing apprenticeship? Why not invest in a plumbing course before you hit the pipes? Here, you’ll learn everything there is to know on water and sanitary management. You will also find out the differences between residential and commercial gas systems. Specializations include roofing and the management of tools and equipment.

The good news is that construction courses are offered by many reputable tertiary institutions countrywide. Look online for a reliable course in your area. Often, the successful completion of a course can guarantee vocational placement and a good start to your new and successful construction career.

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