Running Your Own Construction Business

Tips for Running Your Own Construction Business

Not interested in slaving away for an over-bearing boss? Why not become your own manager-in-chief? These days, many construction workers are opting out of working for companies, and starting their own small businesses. If you’ve got the capital and patience, a private construction business can be a lucrative affair. Here are some tips for running a successful construction mini-enterprise.

Think Positively

Enthusiasm and positive thinking can be self-fulfilling. As manager, your beliefs and energy have a remarkable way of filtering through the rest of your business, affecting how successful it will be. As leader, it is up to you to set the standards for the overall attitude of the company. If your spirit is lacking and if you’re convinced that your company won’t do well – guess what? You probably won’t be successful after all.

It’s also important to boost morale in the workplace. Be vocal when praise is due. Address serious problems in private. More motivation will equate to higher levels of productivity – and larger profits.

Have Excellent Customer Service

Sure – as construction workers, you’re probably better with concrete and bricks than with actual people. However, the better your customer relations, the more your business will thrive. Ensure that everyone on your team – from the receptionist to the bricklayer’s assistant – is personable with clients. Promote clear and friendly communication at all times. This will ensure that your clients feel welcome in your firm, and that their wishes are your top priority.

Market Aggressively

In this day and age, a simple advertisement in the local newspaper will do little to bring in the crowds. Stand out from the competition by adopting a stringent marketing plan. Set up a user-friendly website, and optimize it through Google to ensure that it gets all of the internet traffic it needs. Write articles, and attend meetings within your community to network with the right people.

Take advantage of the opportunities offered by social media. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn will help you connect with all of the relevant people in your field. Of course, there’s no greater marketing tool than good ol’ word of mouth – so keep in touch with your clients after the completion of a project, and make sure that you maintain a friendly relationship.

Invest in Technology

When communicating with your clients over the phone, it’s a good idea to make a recording of the actual conversation. This will help you track important details of the specificities of a project. This has been proven to greatly reduce costly miscommunication errors.

Get up to speed with the latest developments in communication technology and invest in a smart phone. Here, you’ll be able to utilize a variety of useful apps, like a virtual phone system. Here, you’ll be able to track and screen calls; create multiple extensions and personalised greetings, as well as convert voice calls to text. It’s like having your own virtual assistant.

Review, Review, Review

Stay on top of your finances by reviewing every transaction. Compare cost structures with your current level of profitability. Set weekly invoicing targets. Don’t be afraid of re-adjusting where necessary.

If you stick to these tips, your business will become a thriving mini-construction enterprise. Just remember to stay positive.

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