Safe Handling of Tools and Equipment

Safe handling of tools and equipment

on construction sites

Tools and equipment in the construction industry are very important and equally, may be very risky. It is therefore important to ensure that you are able to handle construction tools and equipment in the safest way possible. This goes a long way in ensuring that you will greatly lower the possibility of injuries and accidents from occurring. The maintenance of construction tools and equipment is paramount in ensuring that the tools are maintained at their best working condition. Lack of proper maintenance of construction tools is expensive in that it may bring about grave injuries and can equally bring about the breakdown of the equipment. Therefore it is important to ensure that tools used in the construction industry are well taken care of and properly maintained.

Tips that you should consider in order to be able handle construction tools and equipment include:

Regular cleaning of the tools

Clean construction tools and equipment after every single use. This is to ensure that rust and other related damage that occurs to construction tools due to dirt are greatly reduced. What is more amazing about regular cleaning of the tools is that it helps in ensuring that the life of the tools is extended. While cleaning these tools, you should use the recommended cleaning agents.

Exercise maximum care of cords

Electric cords and air lines in the construction industry should always be kept free from distraction and obstructers. This will help in ensuring that you are able to protect these tools, and also enhance the efficiency of the cords and air lines. Specifically, electric cords should be well taken care of in order to ensure that electrical hazards, which are very dangerous, are greatly reduced. Precautionary measures by the manufacturers of these tools and equipment should be upheld at all times. This helps  in ensuring that the tools achieve their most appropriate working condition and that efficiency is also enhanced.

Regular Maintenance

Moving parts in construction tools and equipment should be regularly lubricated. This is to reduce the effects of friction that brings about excessive wear and tear of the moving parts. Exposed equipment should be lubricated on a daily basis to ensure that the effects of direct exposure to the environment do not affect their efficiency. Lubrication materials that should be regularly used are such as grease, oil and other recommended petroleum products.

Regular inspection of equipment

It is paramount to monitor that regular inspection is undertaken on construction equipment to ensure that they are maintained at their best working conditions. Inspection is also quite important in that it helps in ensuring that defects in the tools are identified and rectified before they bring about a complete breakdown of the equipment. Damages can only be contained as they occur, before they become fully advanced. Other than inspection, it is also important to ensure that replacement of parts or of the whole equipment especially equipment that is prone to wear and tear.



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