Safety in The Construction Industry

Why is safety so important

in the construction industry?

Safety is vital in the Building Industry for many reasons, not the least being the Industry demands a great deal of physical actions which can lead to injury, and in some cases, death.  Activites such as using scaffolding, explosives, dangerous machinery and equipment, sometimes in cramped spaces, can be extremely hazardous to those working with them. This is also why governments have required those working in the construction industry to complete the White Card Training Course. If you need more information about this course then visit our main site.

Due to the very nature of the dangerous pursuits carried out on work sites, safety for all concerned has strict regulation and compliance rules applied to these activities.  Every individual going to their workplace has the right to expect safe working conditions, and strict adherence to Workplace Health and Safety.

It is vital worker safety standards are established and constant surveillance be put in place for all building trades workers, as well as the public who may be in the surrounding areas.  All equipment used on sites must be fully maintained to prevent faulty equipment being the cause of accidents.  Employers are accountable for injuries to workers and any of the people, so it makes business sense to see that safety is the prime concern of all employers, managers and workers, and that they are all aware of the same set of safety procedures.  Lack of observance and communication of these procedures can have the ultimate result – serious injury or death.

When building zones are in public areas, all pedestrians, cyclists, motorists are relying on the conditions surrounding the area being safe.  If safety compliance is not followed, such as placing workers to direct them around the areas safely, their lives may be at risk, as well as the workers.

All construction workers working on the building site must act together as a team to prevent injury and death.  Falls are one of the major causes of death due to the use of ladders, working on roofs, heavy equipment usage, as well as cranes, so everyone involved needs to be super aware of the people around them, and make sure no one is in their immediate area when using dangerous equipment or chemicals.

A building safety plan is important to identify potential hazards, and take action to minimise or totally prevent any of those hazards from occurring.  One of the ways to this is to ensure safety practice notices are available to all workers on the site, check all workers safety training is up to date, as well as placing the safety practice notices in areas where all workers, and the public around them, have access to the risks contained in being in the area.  It is difficult to isolate and put in place safe work areas on active work sites, so it is absolutely necessary for everyone be aware and observant on all Building sites.

Each state in Australia has Worksafe Organisations which provide information and compliance details for the Building & Construction Industry, and they need to work together with Unions and building companies to ensure that all safety regulations are in place for the protection of all concerned.

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