Workplace Injuries

Implications of Injuries to Construction Workers

Injuries in the construction industry are a very common occurrence in everyday operations in the industry. Injuries have far reaching effects on the victim, the company, family and the economy in general. In most cases, injuries inflict great pain and damage to a construction worker’s body, a fact that hinders the ability of the worker. When accidents occur in the construction industry, there are a series of investigations that are undertaken in order to identify the root cause of the problem. There are different implications of injuries and accidents in the construction industry that may include:

Economic losses

When a worker gets injured, the worker may be disabled for a short or even for a very long time. This can be quite expensive to the industry and or employer, especially in situations where the employee is one of the most resourceful people in the industry. In addition to this, the industry/employer may also suffer great losses as the employer may be required to compensate the injured. This is particularly in situations whereby the victim of the injury is not covered by insurance. Compensations are usually very high especially in situations where there are grave injuries involved. In order to avert such an occurrence, it is important to ensure that safety measures are upheld in a work place and also all workers are covered by insurance.

Loss of income to workers

Injuries may result in terminal or permanent inability to undertake different tasks. This implies that the victim is not able to work and as such there is no income to the employee. The situation is usually worse in situations where the injuries are grave and as such the victim may never be able to get back to his/her working position. The loss of income can also have very great implications especially in situations where the victim was the family’s breadwinner. It is also quite uneconomical in cases where the victim is expected to foot the bills and medical expenses of the injury’s treatment. Injuries have very great implications to an individual’s social and economic wellbeing.

Shock and heath implications

Most of the injuries in the construction industry may be as a result of very grave accidents that may in turn lead to shock to the victims. In cases where the victim is not accorded professional psychological help, this shock can easily turn to depression which can easily damage the victim’s life. Depression can bring about a number of very harsh and fatal diseases such as hypertension and heart related complications. It is therefore important to ensure that an accident victim in the construction industry is handled with a lot of care in order to harness the patient’s mental stability.

Insurance cover is very important for workers in the construction industry.  This cover is used in ensuring that victims get the best treatment that is bound to enhance quicker recovery. Workers should also ensure that they have a complete knowledge on how to be able to handle and operate different machines in their line of work to prevent these injuries.

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