Blue Card

Completing Your Construction Blue Card

What is a blue card?

Are you looking to work in the construction industry and know you need to get your blue card? Well technically it is now known as a white card as they have tried to uniform the training nation wide. But for the sake of this article we’ll just call it a blue card and look at what it is, where you can complete one and some of the other basic questions people have about completing the training.

A blue card is required for anyone who wants to work in the construction industry in Australia. Whether this is as a worker, project manager or supervisor, any person who is working on a construction job site in Australia are required by the National Health and Safety law to complete their blue card training before they start working. It is also referred to as an Occupational Health and Safety Certificate (card).

Where can you complete your blue card training?

There are hundreds of training providers who offer the blue card training throughout Australia. Some allow you to complete the training online whereas others will provide face to face training.

All training providers must cover very similar topics in the training so you may not find too much difference between courses, except for the quality of the way they present the course, the customer service they provide for you and the cost of the training itself.

When searching for a training provider, make sure they are a registered training provider. They will usually list their RTO number on the site and you can check them out by heading over the Australian Government website which gives you more information about each training organisation. If they’re not listed there then don’t do the course with them as they are unlikely to be accredited.

Is the card nationally recognised?

Yes. A white card (formerly blue card) is nationally recognised. Since the introduction of the ‘white card’ which is the latest program initiated to harmonise Occupational health and safety systems in Australia, the training is recognised throughout Australia. However some site managers (particularly in South Australia) prefer you to complete the training face to face rather than through online training. Site inspectors however will generally always accept white cards so you only need to worry if the site manager doesn’t accept it.

How much will the card set you back?

A blue card will generally cost around $50-$90 if you complete it online and up to $150 if you complete the course face to face. Some training providers do actually allow you to complete the course for free and simply pay once you complete the course which is a pretty great way to do things as they have to deliver good training and good customer service otherwise you just won’t pay them for it.

I thought a blue card was for working with children?

Well it is, the blue card system is a way or monitoring people who are working with children and young people. In order to work with this age group then you have to get a blue card. Because there is an overlap with the name ‘blue card’, this is likely to be one of the reasons why the construction induction safety training was renamed the ‘white card’.

Do you have to get a blue card to work in construction?

Yes. It’s a legal requirement, there’s no if’s, but’s, or maybe’s about it. You have to complete your blue card (white card) in order to work in the construction industry in any state in Australia. If you don’t complete the training and work in the construction industry you and your employer can face fines of up to $3,000 for you and $11,000 for your employer!