Want to complete a cheap white card course online?

Looking to complete a cheap white card course online?

First up, let’s take a look at what a white card is, how you can apply for a white card and then we’ll take a look at where you can complete a cheap white card course online and where you can complete one for free and simply pay when you pass.

What is a White Card?

If you want to establish a career in the construction industry in Australia or are just looking for casual manual labour or employment, you need to have a White Card. This white card is your evidence that you have taken the training course.

The White Card is valid and recognised in all states in Australia and no longer expires. It replaces the old red card of Victoria and green card of Queensland and NSW.

By law, employers and construction agencies will require this White Card of all their construction workers. They may be penalised once they are found out to have violated this requirement, and construction workers will also be consequently suspended, terminated or potentially subject to police charges.

How to Apply for a White Card

All staff and employees from age 14 and older who want to work on a construction site are required to undergo a training course and obtain a White Card. This training course will cover everything about Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S), making construction workers aware of the hazards and lessen the risks and dangers that come with their line of work and training them how to identify, determine, react and avoid any threat or danger that could potentially occur in the workplace.

Once you have completed this training, you will be given a certificate or a document as a temporary proof that you have completed the course. You can present this to your employer to meet the requirements while waiting for the actual White Card. It usually takes 1–3 days before you receive the White Card by post, so make sure that you provide your current postal address accurately.

When you receive this credit-card-sized card, you have to bring this along with you at all time as this will be your permanent proof that you are certified and qualified to work on any construction site or perform labour tasks. We never know when accidents will occur or an inspection will be conducted, so it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Finding a Cheap White Card Course Online

There are a many Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) all across Australia. The prices differ, but on the average, the prices should be between $50 to the $100 mark. You can apply for a white card either through a face-to-face training course or online.

There are many White Card RTOs who offer a cheap white card course online; however, it is not only the price that you should consider when choosing an RTO. Your criteria when looking for a cheap White Card course online should also include the training provider’s experience and track record as well as their qualifications and accreditation.

We recommend you check out a particular white card training provider who offers a relatively cheap white card course online. They are accredited in every state and allow you to complete the course for free, and you only pay once you pass! We did the research for you and found one that you can trust, so click here to check out this training provider we recommend.

A white card course online usually takes only 2–4 hours, depending on a participant’s pace. If you do not have a PC of your own, there are training providers who offer free use of their computers so you can take the white card course online.

During this White Card course, there are about five different subjects that will be covered. These topics will teach you how to identify, determine, react and avoid any threat or hazard that could potentially occur.

White Card Replacement

Cases of a lost, damaged or stolen White Card happen sometimes. In such situations, it is best that you contact the RTO where you obtained your white card. Some RTOs can replace a lost, damaged or stolen white card, but others require that you fill out a form first, such as an “application to replace a WorkCover NSW OHS construction induction card form”.

Regarding fees for a replacement card, there are RTOs that do not charge a fee for this service, and there are those that do. If you want more information, checkout our article – Lost White Card which breaks down state by state how to replace your white card.