Construction Industry White Card

The Construction Industry White Card: A Must For World-Class Workers In Australia

Working in the continuously growing field of construction comes with the possibility of facing health and safety risks. As with almost any other job, working in construction has its cons, and on top of the list is the high possibility of risks that comes with the job. Workers who are serious about building a career in construction must make sure that they are armed with the right skills and training that will enable them to handle and manage these risks well.

Entering the construction field: Why the White Card is a must

Experts see plenty of job opportunities for labourers, tradespersons, project managers, foremen and supervisors for the years ahead, provided they have the right skills and the sufficient, up-to-date qualifications. Completing the construction industry White Card is one of the primary certifications individuals must prioritise if they want to be part of Australia’s stable of world-class construction professionals.

High death toll in Australia’s construction industry?

In Australia, statistics last year showed that the construction industry employs 1.02 million people, which make up 9 percent of the entire nation’s workforce. Recently, leaders and industry experts have raised concerns on the high death toll in the field. According to a study released by the National Occupational Health and Safety Commission on work-related injury deaths, the annual death rate in construction is 10 deaths per 100,000 people. Meanwhile, latest statistics from Safe Work Australia counted 23 deaths in construction last year, and 17 deaths this year as of October 12, 2013.

This high fatality rate makes it even more necessary and urgent to uphold measures and practices that protect the health and safety of stakeholders in the industry. This makes the Occupational Health and Safety Certificate, also known as the White Card, even more relevant today.

Easier and more convenient ways to obtain the White Card

Completing the prescribed training is necessary before a worker gets issued a White Card. To encourage more professionals to obtain their safety credentials, there are now a number of institutions and training platforms that have been recognised by industry officials. Trainees can choose from a list of accredited training providers in the location of their choice. They can choose to complete the training through an online course. They can even take the course for free, and pay only once they pass the exam.

Interested in taking your career to the next level? Check out the recommended training provider in your state and decide which training setup and schedule is best for you.