White Card Construction Training Course

Complete A White Card Construction Training Course

to obtain a Career in Australia’s Construction Industry

Australia recognises that construction is dangerous work that can be life-threatening.  It thus places utmost importance to the optimal health, safety and general well-being of all persons involved in the construction industry in Australia.  For this reason, it is mandated that any individual intending to pursue a career in construction whether for your own project like a residential building or overseeing other similar projects in Australia must acquire a safety awareness card called construction induction certificate or white card construction certificate.

Only after passing the conduction test can you obtain a construction induction certificate and then a work permit that will allow you to work in construction sites and zones in Australia.  After obtaining your construction induction certificate, another mandatory certificate is called owner builder NSW, after which you can start your construction.  These certificates are required to ensure that builders and all those involved in the construction are aware of the innate hazards of construction and the risks they face in their workplace.

These certificates are commonly known as White Card.  White Card construction induction courses are delivered by several training institutions throughout Australia at minimal and competitive rates.  Many of them offer the course online, with a course that varies from one training institution to another.  There are training providers that offer the course either online or face-to-face or a combination of these two modes.  Either way, the student needs to pass the tests.  This will be relatively easy for as long as the student is committed to completing and passing the course.  Most training providers have assistants to cater to queries of the students and help them to finish the course successfully.

Only after successful completion of the course can the individual be issued a White Card, which now allows that individual to engage in construction in Australia.  Make sure you enrol in an accredited Registered Training Organization (RTO) as required by the legislative council for your White Card construction to be recognized in Australia.

Conduction induction training aims to provide enrolees with the knowledge on OHS legislative requirements, risk management principles, prevention of injury and illness in the workplace.   Moreover, Australian legislation mandates that all owner-builders  effective 01 October 2010 complete Owner-Builder Compliance Course called 91509NSW given by RTOs  when the value of the proposed construction is more than $12000.  The RTO must have been approved by VETAB and the Department of Fair Trading/Fair Trading Centre.   The owner-builder shall have complied with or meet the criteria set forth by the latter  agency and after finishing  91509NSW Course complete with proper documentation and payment of applicable fees, a permit is then issued to the owner-builder who only then can start construction.

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