Construction White Card

A Vital Requirement for the construction Industry 

A Construction White Card

What is a construction white card?

For anyone wanting to work in the building and construction industry in Australia they have to complete a course and obtain their Work Safely in the Construction Industry Certificate – better known as a Construction White Card.  White cards are obtained through successful completion of a white card course from a Registered Training Organisation in Australia.

The Construction White Card is an important safety training qualification that provides basic health and safety education through a unit of competency CPCCOHS1001A – “Work Safely in the Construction Industry”.  All RTOs cover the same unit of competency for the white card course to meet the mutual recognition of the construction induction cards in Australia.  The National Health and Safety Law aims to replace the old induction cards of states for participants to own only one induction card that is accepted in all states and territories.

Worker-573x1024Where can you complete a white card course?

So you’re wondering where to complete your white card course? There are so many options when it comes to completing the course, so you definitely won’t be short of options. We did a bit of research for you though and we recommend you checkout a particular white card training provider who offers the course online. They are accredited by the necessary authorities and allow you to complete the course for free and only pay once you have completed it. Therefore they have to provide you with good service and a good course – otherwise you won’t end up paying for it! That’s why they have our vote.

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Who needs to obtain a white card?

Anyone who intends to carry out work on a construction site in Australia is required to undergo a white card course before they gain employment.

Construction White Card

A construction white card course is a must for persons with the following responsibilities:

  •           Repair, renovation and refurbishment of building and structures
  •           Excavation
  •           Painting, cleaning and landscaping while other labourers carry out construction work
  •           Carpet and curtain installation
  •           Cabinets, appliances and sprinkler installation
  •           Electrical, plumbing, road and earth works
  •           Surveying, inspecting and auditing the construction costs with supervision from anyone with white card course

Is the qualification nationally recognised?

After successful completion of a white card course, you will receive a Statement of Attainment in CPCCOHS1001A “Work Safely in Construction Industry” that is valid for 30 days.  Your white card will be sent through the post within those 30 days.  The White Card will be issued by the Worksafe government body of Australia so that every individual who successfully completes a white card course will receive a certificate that is valid in all states and territories of Australia. The rules are a little bit blurry, in particular with south Australia so if you want to check out the different rules depending on which state you want to work in then click here – which break it down state by state.

How long does it take to complete a white card course?

This all depends on you to be honest. If you complete the course through face to face training then it will generally take 6 hours to complete the course. However because the white card courses online are more efficient, and you complete it in your own time – it will generally take about 2 -4 hours to complete the course.  This time really can vary though as it also depends on the participant’s skill level, previous experience with the construction industry and computer literacy.

How much does the white card course cost?

Most RTOs offer the white card course for around $40 – $80. Other RTOs offer it for more than $100, but that’s generally if you are completing the course through face to face training.

How old must I be to complete white card course?

Anyone over 14 years old can enrol and complete a white card course, as long as he or she has a good knowledge of English and can presents documents that will prove his or her age (a Birth Certificate, Citizenship Certificate or Driver’s License).

How long is the white card valid for?

The National Standard White Card has no expiry as long as the person who has completed the course has worked continuously in the construction industry.  However, when the holder is unable to work at any construction site or zone for 2 consecutive years, the card is no longer valid and employers would certainly ask them to undergo re-training as stated by the National Code of Practice.

Can I do the construction white card course online?

Of course. A lot of people choose to complete the white course online now and a lot of Registered Training Organisations take advantage of online technology and offer white card courses online.  Construction White card courses can be delivered through both face-to-face training sessions or via online / distance education.  Taking the white card course online is the most convenient and cost-efficient option for most people, especially for those who are pressed for time. We recommend you checkout this online training provider. They allow you to complete the course for free and simply pay when you pass!!

What do I do if I lose my white card?

If your white card is lost, stolen, damaged or contains any printing error, you may ask for a replacement by contacting the RTO where you completed your white card course.  Some RTOs may directly provide you with a new one, but may ask you to fill out forms such as Stat Dec, or an application to replace an OHS Construction Induction Card.  There are RTOs however, who may ask for a fee or service charge for the replacement.

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