Getting Your OHS Induction Training for Construction Work

Getting Your OHS Induction Training for Construction Work

So you want to know more about OHS induction training for construction work. This article will have answers for you. In Australia there are strict and very specific rules about how to become eligible and trained to work on a construction site. A White Card shows that you have completed the necessary training for construction work and that you are now certified. This training covers such topics as health and safety on the site, what to do in an emergency as well as workers’ rights. For an individual to enter a construction zone without a White Card could result in steep fines for both the individual and the company.

There might be some confusion about who created the White Card and what exactly it is. The White Card replaces the other cards that were available before – the Red, Green and Blue Cards. This transition took place at different times for different Australian states, but the end goal of safe construction practice is the same.

The OHS training can be completed online through various sites. By allowing this to be an online class, it makes it easier for most participants to be able to find time to quickly complete it. This means that there is really no excuse to try to get a construction job or enter a construction zone without this very crucial requirement, as keeping safe should be everyone’s number one priority.

The OHS induction training is not cost-prohibitive, often around $40. There can be associated fees after the class, especially if you were to lose your White Card and have to apply for a replacement. Luckily for you, the process of getting a lost White Card replaced is quick and painless.

Along with safety on the site, the OHS induction training for construction work covers what the OHS legislative requirements are, the procedures that OHS will take to respond to an incident, legislative and communicating procedures and how to identify hazards in the construction zone. This class is designed with personal safety in mind. The class is not made to be so difficult so as to confuse the student with too much information. The class focuses mostly on providing the student with the basic information needed to stay safe on a construction site. Quality education and in-depth safety training are the two main goals that OHS induction training courses aim for.

With its importance emphasised, finding a reliable and registered OHS induction training provider should be at the top of your list. We recommend that you check out this particular White Card training organisation. They are registered and offers their courses online for free; they only expect payment once you have completed and passed the training. Keep in mind that expensive training courses do not always translate to quality training, and not all training organisations are effective. We have already done the research for you, and our recommended training organisation will provide you value for your money.

By making sure that all construction workers (including plumbers, foremen and overseers, and actual labourers) are all educated and effectively trained, Australia is making it known that safety is a priority. This OHS induction training for construction work should not be thought of as a nuisance but rather as a springboard for a successful career in construction.

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