The Importance of Occupational Health and Safety

What Is Occupational Health And Safety And How Does It Impact Business Operations?

It’s been said countless times that a safe work environment is crucial to the success of any enterprise. But creating this type of environment is not just about making sure that all machinery and operating materials are safe to use; it also involves the safest practices (behaviours, use of protective gear, and the like) for every person involved in the process.

Business owners are held responsible for the proper implementation of health and safety measures in the workplace and all aspects of operation. They need to make sure that all concerns about health and safety are addressed and they can only do that effectively and thoroughly if they have in-depth knowledge and understanding of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) policies that apply to their industry.

But what is occupational health and safety, anyway? To put it simply, it’s a set of rules or policies set by the law for business organisations to comply with in order to protect the safety, health and welfare of all members of the work force, as well as members of the community, customers, and family members who can be affected by the hazards present in the workplace.  The policies covered by OHS can significantly reduce cases of employee illness and accidents resulting in injuries which require businesses to grant financial compensations in the form of medical care, disability benefits, sick leaves, etc.

OHS has three main objectives:

  • Maintain and promote workers’ health and working capacity
  • Improve work places to make them more conducive to safe and healthy performance
  • Develop work organisations and working practices towards the direction which fully supports health and safety, smooth operations, and better productivity.

These objectives have to be manifested through companies’ managerial systems, personal policies, principles for participation, training policies and quality management.

It may all seem like a lot of work, especially for new operations, but full compliance with the OHS laws and policies actually accomplish so much for the business; it helps in streamlining operations to secure more profits and it never fails to create a positive reputation for the business. Likewise, employees feel safe, secure, and (best of all) happy to know that working for a living will not compromise their personal health so they can definitely do it for a long time.  Going back to the companies, they have fewer drawbacks to contend with, meaning they can just keep on moving forward reaching one goal after another.

The bottom line is that gaining a competitive advantage in the industry cannot be accomplished without implementing these policies; therefore, every enterprise that wants to be taken seriously should strictly comply with the standards covered by OHS.

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