Induction Training, Know What It is

Induction Training, Know What It is

Many may have heard a thing or two about white card, but not all are knowledgeable of what a white card is exactly.   It is the new name given to the Construction Induction Card which replaced older induction cards of all states and territories in Australia, such as Queensland’s blue card, Western Australia’s green card and Victoria’s red card.  These states and territories have signed up to the National Code of Practice for Induction to Construction Work last July 1, 2009.  These cards are acquired after successful completion of a construction induction training course or white card course.

Possession of this identity document indicates that the beholder was able to finish and complete a white card course either online or through a face-to-face training session.  Tasmania, ACT and Northern Territory obtain their cards through reputable Workplace Authorities.  All white cards acquired within the National Code of Practice for Induction of Construction Work are accepted in most states and territories of Australia, including old and new induction cards as stated by the OHS Regulation of 2001.  The Australian State Government Organizations decided to bring in the National Code of Practice for Induction to Construction Work so as to update the current induction cards and to provide a better and reliable curriculum of induction training for all staff, employees and personnel working in the construction industry.

When is the induction card needed?  White cards are necessary if:

  • You need to work on a building project that takes places on a construction zone or development site, regardless of your position (labourers, project managers, supervisors, surveyors, main and sub-employers
  • You wish to visit construction sites unaccompanied by anyone with a white card or construction induction card.
  • You are frequently present in construction zones as required by your job duties and responsibilities even if you are not working particularly in construction

The main objective of the training course is to let participants understand their rights and responsibilities listed within the OHS regulations, identify and determine hazards, dangers and risks present on construction zones, list down safety practices to avoid and lessen the risk of these hazards and to be able to expect the typical behaviour of managers, supervisors and all personnel working in construction zones.   The National Code of Practice stresses the importance of acquiring an induction card before one attains employment and becomes a member of the construction industry.  Generally, employers and recruiters require applicants to show their statement of attainment before hiring any individual.  They need to oblige with this regulation for they can be fined with charges and penalties once they are caught employing anyone without a white card.  It is also a must for anyone with a white card to carry their identification with them at all times, for they can also be charged once they are unable to show their card during inspection.

They are an integral requirement in building and construction sites for it highlights the safety of everyone working within it.



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