The Nitty Gritty About the Australian White Card

The Nitty Gritty About the Australian White Card

What is an Australian White Card? Occupational Health & Safety Certificates, or “White Cards”, are required by the Australian government for anyone who wants to work on a construction site. Working in construction is a great way to earn money either as a summer job for students or as a full-time career. By requiring every person on the job site to have an Australian White Card, the government is making sure that its workers are educated and knowledgeable about construction sites as well as how to handle any emergencies that arise. Even if you rarely set foot where actual work is being done, you’re still required to have one or face very hefty fines. If you’re caught on a work site without an Australian White Card you will face a fine, and the company running the work site could face one also.

The Australian White Card doesn’t expire although it’s recommended that you keep it current through your employment. To be eligible for an Australian White Card, you must be over 14 years old and have proper ID. The course can be completed online for a small fee, and if you ever lose your Australian White Card or it expires, the process is relatively simple to have it replaced. Because it’s recognized in each state in Australia you won’t need to complete the course and apply for a new Australian White Card each time you cross borders for employment.

In deciding to take the online courses, it is crucial to find a registered training organisation (RTO) as not all training organisations out there are state-accredited. Australian White Cards are too important to be acquired haphazardly, and the right RTOs are not too difficult to find. We recommend that you check out this particular training organisation; they offer Australian White Card training courses for free and require payment only when you have successfully passed the course. This is a wise option, and you can be assured value for your hard-earned resources.

The Australian White Card online class covers topics such as safety symbols and signs, how to report injuries and hazards on the job site and understanding what you need to do to comply with safe work practices. These are all important things for anyone working in construction to know and understand, and the class quickly teaches you all the information you need in order to be safe on a construction site.

Some workers already hold a Green Card, Red Card or Blue Card and have some confusion over whether or not they also need to apply for an Australian White Card. The answer is no. As long as you have kept your card current, there is no need to apply for an Australian White Card as well.

Do make sure to have your card on you whenever you’re on a construction site. You can be asked to show it at any time and most employers will ask to see it before you even enter the construction site the first time. Don’t ever loan it out or borrow someone’s card. You’ve worked hard for the Australian White Card; don’t lose it by doing something illegal.

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