The Significance of Safety in the Construction Industry

The Significance of Safety in the Construction Industry

To ensure the safety of all individuals working in construction sites and zones, the Australian government mandated for the requirement of a general induction card.  It is a legal document that all workers, employers and even construction companies must comply with.

Obtaining the induction card is a small document that appears like an ID.   It certifies that the beholder was able to complete the general safety induction course (white card course) conducted by one of the numerous registered training providers all across Australia.  It also assures the employer that the applicant is able to carry on construction tasks safely and efficiently.  During the white card course, participants learn construction knowledge and basic health and safety skills that will keep them safe from the threats, and dangers that can possibly occur in a construction site and zone.   The white course ensures that the risk management is the priority and all workplace healthy and safety requirements and obligations are met.

Recently, all of the states and territories of Australia have agreed to implement the National Code of Practice for Induction Training for Construction Work.  This resulted in the implementation of the new induction card which is already nationally recognized and has replaced the older induction cards.  All states and territories of Australia will now call all general safety induction cards regardless of the place where it has been accomplished.    And all beholders of the white card have the opportunity to attain employment in construction companies, anywhere in Australia.

Safety on crutchesThose who are tasked to perform the following construction activities are required by law to obtain an induction card (but not limited to).

  • Building
  • Erecting
  • Altering structures
  • Renovations
  • Repairs and refurbishments
  • Floor and wall tiling
  • Commissioning and decommissioning of a building
  • Disassembling
  • Any activity related to construction site preparation
  • Landscaping that has to do with working on buildings

Normally, induction card courses conducted through face-to-face training are required by law to take at least 6 hours to be considered complete.  But with induction card online courses, it takes less if you intend to complete it immediately.  The course is flexible and it allows it’s trainees to undergo their training at their own preferred time and day.

The induction card course (Work Safely in the Construction Industry) is a thorough training program that discusses the following essential topics:

  • Duty of care requirements
  • Occupation Healthy and Safety Legislative requirements
  • Safe work practices
  • Risk management
  • Common threats and hazards
  • Communication process
  • OHS personnel and relevant authorities
  • General procedures used in emergency situations
  • Personal protective equipment

Upon successful completion of the course, the trainee shall be awarded with a laminated Induction Card and a certificate of completion.  The induction card comes with a serial number and the date of the course completion.  Trainees who have completed their induction card course online, they are required to present pertinent documents such as the Statement of Attainment Certificate, Statutory Declaration (a document signed by you, a legal practitioner or Commissioner for Declaration, a Justice of Peace and you witness who is will prove that you have indeed completed the course on your own) and ac copy of your photo ID (also signed by a JP or C Dec).

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