Video Explaining What a White Card is

Video Transcript: What is a White Card?


0:00: Okay, so you want to work in the construction industry in Australia and know you need to

0:04: get a white card. Let’s take a look at what a white card is, where you can complete one

0:09: and who needs to complete it! So what is a white card?

0:12: A White card is the most common term used to refer to an Occupational Health and Safety

0:17: Certificate. People who aim to take on a career or any trade position either as a worker,

0:23: apprentice, project manager or supervisor on a construction job site in Australia are

0:29: all required by the National Health and Safety Law to obtain a white card before they start

0:34: working. Next up lets take a look at where you can

0:37: complete a white card. All throughout Australia, there are numerous

0:40: training providers that offer a white card training course. When you are searching for

0:45: a training provider, ensure that you enrol with a Registered Training Organisation (RTO)

0:50: that is accredited and offers a course that is accepted in your state. Different training

0:55: providers can generally be similar when it comes to the service they offer, because of

0:59: the mutual recognition between the states and territories of Australia, but they will

1:04: generally differ in their location and cost of the course.

1:08: On our site we recommend you checkout a particular training provider who offers a great course,

1:12: for a great price and they are accredited by the necessary authorities so definitely

1:17: check them out. Next, lets take a look at who has to complete

1:20: a white card? The most common construction jobs that would

1:24: call for the need of a white card include but are not limited to civil construction,

1:29: repairs, refurbishment and renovations, removal of asbestos, carpentry, bricklaying and many

1:36: more. The great risks involved in the construction

1:39: industry calls for the need for workers to be knowledgeable about safe work practices,

1:43: risk management principles, safety signs, personal protection and fire safety equipment.

1:49: Awareness of these things are obtained through completion of a white card training course.

1:53: Generally, all individuals carrying out construction work in Australia must successfully complete

1:59: a white card training course before they get to work on any construction activity. Individuals

2:04: who must acquire a white card when working in the construction industry include but are

2:08: not limited to the following: Self-employed, Labourers, Apprentices and

2:13: trainees, Trades-personnel, Projects supervisors and managers, Employees who are recommended

2:20for re-training

2:21So Is the qualification nationally recognised? Most training providers recommend that you

2:26take the white card training or induction course in your state of residence or where

2:31you are presently working, in order to receive a new National Standard White Card that is

2:35issued under one jurisdiction. However The National White Card is nationally recognized,

2:40thus, allowing you to work in all Australian States and Territories.

2:45How long does it take to complete a white card course?

2:48The length of the white card training course depends on where and how you plan to complete

2:52it. Face to face training takes six hours to complete plus any travel time. However,

2:57: not all individuals have the opportunity and enough time to travel and attend classroom

3:02: based training. Therefore the most convenient way to complete a white card training course

3:06: is through an online course that usually takes only two to four 4 hours to complete.

3:12: How much does the white card training course cost?

3:15: With a range of training providers available throughout Australia, the cost of the white

3:18: card training course can vary, but for those who complete it online it is generally between

3:23: fifty to ninety bucks and for those who complete it face to face it will cost around one hundred

3:28: and fifty bucks. So how old must you be to complete a white

3:32: card course and how long is it valid for? Anyone over fourteen years old can enroll

3:36: in a white card training course and government bodies of Australia issued a formal announcement

3:41: that the National Standard White Card no longer expires. However, anyone who has not worked

3:47: in the construction industry for more than 2 years are required by employers to undergo

3:51: retraining. Can I do the course online?

3:55: Australian states and territories, New South Wales, WA, Victoria, Tasmania, ACT, Queensland

4:01: and Northern Territory accept white cards online. South Australian safety inspectors

4:07: also accept white card training completed online, however some site managers have been

4:11: known not to accept training completed online and have therefore requested that retraining

4:16: occur through face to face training providers. If you want more information about completing

4:20: the white card online then head over to our site and checkout

4:26: the page we have dedicated to break down the rules state by state.

4:31: What do I do if I lose my white card? If your white card is lost, stolen, damaged

4:36: or destroyed then it is best for you to contact the Registered training organisation where

4:40: you completed the white card training course. Some of them can replace the card while others

4:45: may ask you to contact WorkCover and complete an application form first before they issue

a replacement card.

4:50: So I hoped this video has answer your question “what is a white card” and if you have any

4:56: other questions don’t hesitate to head over to our website