What is a White Card in Construction?

What is a White Card in Construction?

A white card in construction is a plastic card which is issued to an aspiring construction worker by an approved and Registered Training Organisation (RTO). It shows that a person has received basic training about construction work as well as government laws and regulations which pertain to health and safety. The regulations are under the jurisdiction of the Work Health and Safety governing body, which may also be called WHS.

White cards indicate that those who have them have successfully completed general induction training in their chosen field. It’s impossible to get hired in Australia without having a white card, so everyone who wants to build a career in construction needs to sign on for training which is approved and then earn a white card. It’s part of becoming an Aussie construction worker, and no one is exempt from needing a white card. It’s all about boosting the odds of safety at work sites, and being given one of these cards is proof that you’ve attended courses (in person or online) where safety rules and other important facts are shared.

Now that you know the answer to the question, “What is a white card in construction?”, you may be wondering how to get one for yourself.

If you want to apply for a construction white card, there are some important things to keep in mind. The first is to access the right training from an accredited RTO. Choosing a reputable and approved training program will put you in line for a white card. White cards are administered via RTOs that are approved to offer “white card” classes. The course that you’ll need to take is called “work safety in the construction industry”. You’ll find lists of approved and accredited RTOs at the National Register for the Vocational Education and Training Sector website.

A construction white card and the right attitude will get you far when it comes to getting hired. While the great attitude is optional, the white card is mandatory. Without it, employers in the construction niche won’t consider you, as they need to follow the rules. This is why signing on for training is the key to starting a successful new career as a construction worker. Hopefully, our quick guide has shown you exactly why a white card is so essential, as well as what a white card is and how to get one.

Access a Training Program Today

Training from the right organisation will put you in line for a white card. As well, as a bonus, you’ll learn a lot of things that you need to know about the construction business. People do get hurt in this industry, so taking this type of training will allow you to learn the best ways to stay safe on the job. It may even save your life. While most people don’t have serious accidents, it’s safe to say that safety is priority one at the best construction worksites. Every employee at the site will need to think about personal safety and the safety of other workers and visitors. Learning the rules is one of the best ways to promote safety at work, for everyone’s benefit.

Now that you know the drill, we recommend that you find an approved training program today. When you do, you’ll get the training that you need. We have done the research for you, and we recommend that you check out this particular Registered Training Organisation. They offer the induction training online for free and charge you only when you have passed the required courses.

Once you successfully complete your training, the organisation will give you a certificate which you can present to you potential employers while waiting for your plastic white card to arrive via postal mail. So make sure that you enter your postal address accurately on the application forms where it applies.
Getting your white card is key to finding the construction job that you want. The construction industry typically pays pretty well, so getting training is well worth the money, and it usually doesn’t cost that much to get a white card, anyway.

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