What is the White Card Workcover?

What is the White Card Workcover?

The white card workcover is a general construction induction credential. It’s a card which indicates that the bearer has taken general construction induction training, via an approved educational program. If you want to work in the construction business in Australia, you’ll find that this credential is mandatory. Without it, it will be impossible to get hired.

The rationale behind making this card mandatory (this was passed into Australian law in 2009) is that the construction business is a risky one. People do get hurt on worksites, and ensuring that construction workers have the right health and safety training helps to minimise risk. This is why everyone needs the right training in order to get a white card. Once they have them, they’ll be ready to look for work in this industry, anywhere in Australia. There is plenty of work in the construction business, and some of it pays very well. For this reason, white card training is in demand, and it’s available from an array of approved providers. All you need to do is make sure that you check that the state that you want to work in accepts online white card providers if you decide to choose an online service provider.

All types of construction workers need white cards, such as site managers, supervisory staff, survey staff, labourers and tradesmen/women. Those who go into construction zones which are operational, while not being directly supervised or accompanied should all have white cards. As well, any staff members who must go into construction zones which are operational should have these cards. The card will expire if the cardholder fails to work in the industry for 24 months or longer.

How to Get a White Card Workcover

The first step is completing training. It’s pretty easy to find white card training in most parts of Australia, so either visit our website for our recommended training providers or do a Google search to see if you can find one for yourself. You’ll need one hundred points of identification in order to sign up for the training, and you’ll also need to pay a fee for the course, which will vary based on the training course provider that you select. If you use one of the recommended training providers that we list on our site, you can actually complete the course for free and simply pay when you pass.

After your training has been completed successfully, you’ll be able to apply for a white card. Your training program instructor will have the proper form for you to fill out and send in. Submit your form after the training is complete. Your white card will be sent out after the form is received.

How to Choose a Training Program

One of the best things to do is to look for a training program which has great reviews from students. These days, it’s pretty easy to find reviews of these programs, and we recommend that you seek out online feedback, as it will help you to find a program which students really enjoy and appreciate. Of course, any program must be registered, so make sure that you do your due diligence and select an approved training provider. If your provider isn’t approved, you will not be eligible for a white card workcover afterwards.

It’s also important to find a training program which fits your schedule and budget. With this in mind, compare costs and schedules. After you do so, you should make a point of signing up for the program which suits that schedule and budget. It’s best to sign up well in advance, to avoid disappointment if a program fills up that you want to do face-to-face. Once you’ve gotten your training program organized, you’ll be ready to move forward and take the training. After it’s complete, you’ll be able to apply for your white card. As mentioned, there are particular registered training organisations that are listed on our website, so make sure that you check them out as we’ve already done some of the research for you, and we highly recommend that you check them out.

As you can see, there is no way around this training. You need the white card in order to work in construction in Australia. For this reason, we encourage you to explore your training options and potentially check out the training organisations that we recommend. The sooner you get your white card, the sooner you may apply for the work that you want in Australia.

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