What You Need, To Have your White Card

What You Need, To Have your White Card

Nowadays, the availability of various construction jobs and work are becoming more and more available, encouraging a lot of people to venture in the construction industry.  This is considered as one of the most in demand jobs there is nowadays.  As Australia progresses economically, and new forms of technology are coming out, cities, states and territories of Australia continues to build more building, skyscrapers, houses, roads, bridges, etc.  All of these involves construction work, thus giving all individuals working within any construction work more open work slots and jobs.

For an individual to get hired, he or she must attend an induction training course to be aware of the important health and safety issues that could possibly arise in any construction activity.  After successful completion of a white card course, participants will receive a white card (which will be given to them within 30 days after the course).  Generally, after the training course, a statement or certificate of attainment is given and can also be used as proof while you still don’t have your white card (valid for 30 days only).  The Australia State Government strictly requires a white card for anyone involved in different types of construction activities such as, housing construction, civil construction, building, demolition work, fit outs, renovation, repairs and refurbishment, asbestos removal, structural steel erection, carpentry, bricklaying, concreting, plumbing and so on.  It is a legal requirement that all construction companies must comply with.

To obtain a white card, one must attend a competency-based training course that involves assessment and evaluation.  This is through a general safety induction training known as, CPCCOHS1001A “Work Safely in the Construction Industry”.   The New white card certainly widens your career opportunities for the white card is nationally recognized allowing you to attain employment in all states and territories of Australia.  This is because Australian states and territories have signed and adopted the National Code of Practice for Induction of Construction Work as of July 1, 2009.  The implementation of the use of the white card depends on the State’s own legislation.

White card training course can be acquired in two types of training sessions, online and face-to-face training sessions.   The most convenient option between the two is the white card course online offered by numerous Registered Training Organizations or training providers.  Before one enrols in any of these training providers it is a must to see and ensure if that training they will provide is accepted and accredited in the state you wish to work in.  White card courses online require all of their participants and enrolees to have a witness that will testify that the student was indeed the one who took the course and they are were able to gain the skills and knowledge necessary before they are endorsed for employment.  After successful completion of the white card course online, the witness must sign a statutory declaration, which participants must need to present before they receive their statement or certificate of attainment and white card.

These days, more and more people prefer to obtain their white card through white card courses online for it is much convenient, cost-effective and usually takes around 2 – 4 only depending on the participant’s pace compared to a face-to-face training session that must take 6 hours as required by the National Code of Practice for Induction of Construction Work.

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