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What is Covered in a White Card Course?

Looking to complete your white card course and want to know the answers to the test? We’ve noticed a lot of people searching on the web for the answers to the white card online course and this is exactly what I used to do to skip out on a test. I wish I could give you all of the answers but we can’t because every training provider asks different questions!! Therefore it makes it difficult to answer each and every one of them. Annoying huh?

But what we can tell you is that we did take a look at one training providers online course which provided really great information and all of the content in the course really helped with the tests. Like, it didn’t try and trick you or make it difficult to work out the answers… it provided content a, content b, content c, and then the test had question about content a, question about content b, question about content c. Really not that hard.

It’s really not an overly difficult test but it’s important as it aims to provide you with all of the important basic information you need to know about safety on a construction site. So although getting all of the answers would make it so much easier, if you find a training provider who offers a good course anyway, it will provide you with all of the information you need for the test so it won’t be too difficult. There are some companies that also allow you to complete the entire course for free – and simply pay when you finish it, which is awesome! Click here now to check out the training provider that allows you to do that. What I would recommend is just go and complete the first part of the course and if you don’t want to keep going then you don’t have to pay for it… you will see what I’m talking about when I say it provides you with all the content you need for the test and each section is broken up and tested individually rather than having one massive test at the end!! If you want even more information and potential white card answers then just keep on reading.

Most White Card training courses will ask a question like;

What is duty of care?

AnswersAnd the answer to this is simple. A Duty of care is an obligation to make sure you are taking all necessary care to ensure the safety of yourself and everyone else. In the construction industry this is a requirement by everyone who is on a job site whether they are the managers, supervisors, contractors, apprentices – everyone needs to show a duty of care.

A question similar to the one mentioned above will most likely feature in online white card training, and they will generally just give you multiple choice answers. Please note that the answer to the question above has been created by us to help you understand what kind of questions you will be asked and the answers they will be looking for. Because we can’t tell you exactly what each training provider has in their course (all of them are different) the answers to the questions in the real test may be worded differently to these however it will be along the same lines.

In order to provide people with more of an understanding of what the course is about, we created a short video which looks at some of the white card course content and topics which will likely be covered in a training course. So check it out now – it only goes for a minute and a half!

If you’re looking for the training provider we mentioned above who allows you to complete the white card for free and simply pay when you finish it then click here now and check them out.

Just incase you want to skip the video this is an overview of some of the topics generally covered in white card training.

  1. How to Identify and Explain Occupational Health and Safety Legislative Requirements.
  2. Understanding the Important Common Terms Used in the Legislation
  3. Identifying Duty of Care Requirements
  4. Understanding your responsibilities to comply with Safe Work Practices
  5. Basic Principles of Risk Management
  6. Reporting Risks through either Verbal or Written Reporting
  7. Safety Signs and Symbols
  8. Reporting Hazards, Incidents and Injuries.


  1. Barry PriceBarry Price08-05-2015

    Have misplaced my white card how do I replace it?

    • adminadmin01-12-2016

      Hi Barry, If you’ve lost your white card then it’s best to contact the training provider who you completed your course with as they should be able to help you and re-issue your card. If you get stuck, get in touch with the governing body in your state and ask them for instructions on how to replace your white card. You’ll find links to the governing bodies on the right hand side of our website.

  2. Mason TeakelMason Teakel12-03-2015

    Good afternoon
    I have misplaced my whitecard.
    I live in WA how do I apply for a copy? Asap.
    kind regards

    • adminadmin01-12-2016

      Hi Mason, Thanks for your message. If you have misplaced your white card, the best thing for you to do is get in contact with your white card training provider where you completed the course, they should be able to help re-issue that card to you.

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