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Completing Your White Card in Australia

Want to complete your white card in Australia? You’ve come to the right place. We put together this site to answer all your questions about completing your white card in Australia. We try to break down the rules of different states and also help you decide which training provider to go with depending on which state you plan to work in. Okay, First up, let’s have a look at where you can complete a white card. We have had a look a numerous white card training providers and have found one that we can recommend so feel free to check them out and let us know what you think of them.

Where can you complete the course?


Okay – first questions first. Where can you complete your white card course in Australia. This all depends on where you want to work, and of course your budget. It also depends on whether you want to complete the CPCCOHS1001AWork safely in the Construction Industry” (white card) course through a Registered Training Organisation online or through face-to-face training.

We recommend you checkout a particular white card training provider who offers online training. Click here now to check them out. They allow you to signup for the course for free and you only pay when you have completed the course and are accredited by the necessary authorities. There are tons of RTOs available in Australia that you can choose from so that’s why we did a bit of research for you to find one that we can trust to recommend to you. Click here now to check out the training provider we recommend.

Regardless of whether the course is taken online or not, providers will usually still cover the same course content and utilise the same set of modules and assessment items.

What is a white card?

So let’s get back to some of the basics and look at what a white card actually is.

Safe Work Australia declared a National Code of Conduct for the Construction Industry known as White Card AustraliaWhite Card is a training course delivered by various Registered Training Organisations all throughout Australia.  The National Code of Conduct stresses the need for all staff and employees who work on a construction site  to undergo an induction training course and obtain a White Card in Australia.   Only reputable Recognised Training Organisations under the Vocational Education and Training are allowed to conduct the white card training course.

The White Card in Australia was put into place to provide a national construction industry standard for Occupational Health and Safety, and to update a range of state systems that utilise coloured cards such as QLD’s green card, Victoria’s Red card and NSW’s green card.   The date and time of implementation of the National White Card varied depending on the state’s government bodies.

White Card in Australia

The New White Card in Australia makes use of a standardised unit of competency, CPCCOHS1001AWork Safely in the Construction Industry”. With this, individuals with a white card have a qualification that is nationally recognised and gives them the privilege of working in all jurisdictions, states and territories of Australia.   If you were able to obtain your white card from any state in Australia then you are allowed to work in any state in Australia. The rules are a little bit blurry when it comes to South Australia but click here to checkout an article we wrote if you want to check each state’s requirements.

According to the National Code of Practice, holders of the white card must always carry their white card with them.  A person who fails to present their white card upon inspection is subject to termination, suspension and potentially police charges.  A white card is important proof that a worker is properly trained in Occupational Health and Safety, making him or her capable of working in a construction zone with lesser risks of hazards or dangers.   And of course workers equipped with safety precautions have lesser risks of fatalities and accidents.

Who has to complete a white card?

Okay – so who actually has to complete a white card in Australia.

According to Work Safe, the white card is an essential training course to anyone who performs various construction activities.  It is more important if you:

  •        Have control over construction plans and projects, principal and main contractors, project managers and supervisors, employers and self-employed persons
  •         Performs most construction activities, sub contractors, labourers, apprentices and trainees
  •         Take control over construction work, employers, self-employed, principal, main and sub contractors

How long does it take to complete the course?

To obtain a white card in Australia, you must successfully complete a course that takes 6 hours face-to-face training, which includes registration and breaks. A White card can also be taken online through this training provider and usually takes only 2 – 4 hours, depending on the participant’s preferred pace.   During the white card Australia course, you will take up to 5 different subjects that will teach you how to identify, determine, react and avoid any threat or hazard that could possibly occur.

How much does it cost to complete the course?

Most Registered Training Organisations offer the white card around Australia course for a budget price of $60-$90 if you complete the course online.  Some RTOs may charge up to $150 for face to face training to complete the white card course.

What is the minimum age to complete the course?

The minimum age to complete a white card in Australia is 14 years old.  Necessary documents that prove the participant’s age must be brought upon enrolment or faxed if planning to enrol in an online course.

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