Looking to Get Your White Card in Canberra?

Completing Your White Card Canberra

Where can you get your white card in Canberra?

Reputable RTOs or training providers throughout Canberra are able to offer the White Card Canberra courses.  The way they deliver their training are different, even though they utilise the same unit of competency.  It is important that you choose the one that can provide you with a nationally recognised white card that fits within your budget and location.

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What is a white card?

Okay, now you know where you can get your White Card in Canberra let’s quickly go back to basics and have a look at what a white card is. A White Card is also known as an occupational health and safety certificate and for several years has been a legal requirement for those working in the construction industry. When working in such an industry there are clearly potential risks involved which highlighted the importance for workers to be knowledgeable about safe work practices, risk management, personal protection, safety signs and safety equipment. Therefore the white card was introduced to provide training in Occupational Health and Safety and has now become the nationally recognised training amongst states and territories in Australia. 

How much does it cost?

A White Card can be completed for as low as $50. However, there are some training providers who offer the white card Canberra courses for up to $90.

Who has to complete a White Card In Canberra?

Anyone who wants to work in the construction industry in Australia must complete a white card course. This includes but is not limited to contractors, project managers, builders, supervisors, apprentices, labourers, trades personnel and trainees and employees who are recommended for re-training. If you plan to work in any area of the construction industry, make sure you get your white card. Those found on a job site without the qualification can be terminated on the spot of receive huge fines from the safety inspectors.

White Card Canberra

How long does it take to complete a white card canberra?

In a face-to-face setting, you will usually complete the white card course content in approximately 6 hours.  (You might need to add an hour for registration and breaks).  The course can also be completed online, and some find this very convenient as they are able to take it in the comfort of their own homes.  In this instance, the course is usually available online for 24 hours and generally takes 2-4 hours to complete if you complete it in one sitting, but you can log off as many times as you want and go back to where you last stopped.

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