White Card Course Topics!

Want To Know What is Covered in White Card Training?

We created this video for you to show you some of the topics which will be covered in your white card training. All white card training providers do offer different courses however they generally cover all of the same topics. For those of you who don’t want to watch the video, we also included the video transcript so you can read through it!

Video Transcript

0:00    Need to complete your white card course and want to know what it’s all about?
0:03    Let’s take a quick sneak peak into what might be covered in your white card training
0:08    This is what you learn
0:10    How to identify and explain occupational health and safety legislative requirements
0:15    Understanding the most important common terms used in the legislation
0:19    Identifying duty of care requirements
0:21    Understanding your responsibilities to comply with safe work practices
0:26    You will also look at topics like understanding basic principles of
0:29    Risk management to help you identify and assess a situation
0:33    That might cause harm or injury
0:35    You will learn to report risks through either verbal or written reporting
0:38    and how to identify construction hazards
0:41    the course will cover how to control these hazards and risks
0:44   and will ensure you understand your responsibilities to comply with safe work practices
0:49   You will look at safety signs and symbols and of course will make sure you
0:53   Understand the relevant authorities for reporting hazards incidents and injuries
0:58   So that concludes our quick sneak peak into what you will learn in a white card
1:01    course and we covered about half the topics in the training
1:05   pretty easy huh?
1:06   Your safety and the safety of your mates is the most important thing
1:10   so make sure you complete the course and stay safe on a job site
1:14   for more information just check out our website
1:17   white card info dot com dot au
1:20   We’ll answer all of your questions
1:22   and help you find some of the best and cheapest white card training providers in Australia
1:26   See you there!

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