White Card Courses – Keeps it safe in Construction Sites

White Card Courses – Keeps it safe in Construction Sites

Completion of Construction Safety Training is the essential guidance required for any person intending to set foot on a construction site in Australia.  It is a measure designed to ensure a safe, healthy and professional environment at the construction site for everyone.  Required to undergo the training are self-employed people, managers, professional consultants, engineers, surveyors, gardeners, cleaners, truck drivers and the like. Every employer or employee working in the construction business is legally obliged to successfully complete and pass the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) training delivered by an accredited Registered Training Organization (RTO), at a reasonable fee, after which a White Card is issued to him/her.  Only those who have passed the course are issued a White Card.

Construction induction training includes design and implementation of emergency management procedures, knowledge on how to operate according to standard health and safety procedures, assist in the daily maintenance of a safe work environment, identifying and avoiding occupation hazards and injuries, which are serious and have become a common concern today, and how to deal with them.

Owner builder course includes information on rules and regulations of construction, legal obligations and knowledge on occupational hazards and injuries and management and control measures.  Creating a safe place in which one’s business can successfully operate reduces the amount of money the property owner has to pay for work-related injuries.

White card courses are designed to ensure working safely in the construction industries. Such courses are designed to teach people about how to avoid hazards while on construction sites. To satisfy the legal requirement with respect to keeping  the workplace safe, the employees must complete the course in General Site Safety Induction.

OHS and owner builder courses are available online or face-to-face.  Online dealers facilitate examination services.  Reliable dealers also provide authorized licence as well.

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