White Card Game

A Seriously Cool Workplace Video

Have you guys heard about the white card game that has been created by Victoria university? It is seriously cool. We found an article published by the Australian newspaper regarding the game.

So, the game was created to help those who have to complete the white card, and turn it into a more hands-on activity. The game is kind of like a first person shooter style game – where players face potential workplace hazards that are being used to teach safety training on construction sites.

The game was runner up in the Australian Learning Impact Awards and received a bronze aware at the IMS Global Learning Impact Awards announced in the US last week – According the the article published in the australian newspaper.

According to their website the goal of the game is to help identify, control and report workplace hazards on a construction site without getting injured or causing the death of workmates!!

The creators of the game (Victoria University and Oztron Media) aims to provide a virtual experience of working on a construction site, and puts in the kind of situations you will be exposed to in the workplace.

Checkout the video below which shows you exactly how the game works. It’s been created so well so definitely check it out.

If you want to have a look at the site where you can play the game check it out by clicking here.