White Card – How to Check Out a Registered Training Organisation

White Card – How to Check Out a Registered Training Organisation

Everybody who works on an Australian construction needs to have the White Card. Government inspectors can conduct a white card check at any time, so it really is a mandatory prerequisite for employment in the construction industry.

A white card is issued as proof that construction industry personnel – including labourers, surveyors, site bosses, vehicle drivers and also those whose work regularly requires visiting construction sites – have taken the general construction induction training course and have some basic knowledge of health and safety in the construction environment. Once training is successfully complete, the white card is issued by private companies called Registered Training Organisations (RTOs).

How to Ensure the Training Provider is Registered

While most companies claiming to be RTOs are legitimate, there’s always a chance that someone is trying to pull the wool over your eyes. Before paying any money for your white card check that this is not the case! Your best bet is to contact the Department of Education and Training directly to find out if your preferred training provider’s accreditation is still up to date. There are also site on the internet that you can look up to help you with your white card check.

How much does a training course cost?

Pricing can vary widely for this course, but you’re unlikely to have to spend more than a hundred dollars for a course that takes less than a day to complete.

Online options can cost anything from $40 up to a hundred. If you prefer to be a little more hands-on, a practical course may set you back $100 to $150, but these often last an entire day instead of the minimum 4 hours.

Bear in mind that employers do look at who provided your training (it’s printed on the card itself), not just that you managed to complete a diploma. More expensive enterprises also tend to display a higher level of professionalism. If you ever have a query or need a lost card replaced, they are likely to be just a bit more responsive.

We have done the research for you, and we recommend that you look at this particular RTO. Their construction induction training courses are offered for free, and you pay only when you have successfully passed the course.

Be aware that your card will have expired if you haven’t worked on a building site within two years; otherwise, it’s generally valid for life.

Requirements to be eligible for a training course

The minimum age for completing the white card course is 14, and you will be required some form of photographic identification (passport, driver’s license, or school identity cards are all acceptable). If you do not have any of the above, there are other ways to prove that you are yourself; the training company can advise you.

Once you’ve completed and passed the training, you will be given a certificate as your temporary proof that you have taken the course. The white card itself will be sent to you by post, so make sure that you provide your mailing address accurately on the application form. We have done an article and a video on this topic before so you might want to check them out as well.

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