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Completing Your White Card Online

What is a white card?

First up, let’s take a look at what a white card is, then where you can complete one and then we’ll cover some of the other questions people have about completing the course. So, what is a white card? If you want to work in the construction industry of Australia, then you have to complete a white card online or through a face-to-face course.  Australia’s National Code of Practice requires all individuals working on a construction zone to have a white card and they must carry it with them at all times.  This training course is aimed to protect those working in construction from the increased risk of dangers and threats that comes with the nature of their job.   All States and Territories have signed an agreement for the adoption of the National based induction course in 2009, known as CPCCOHS1001AWork Safely in the Construction Industry”.  This course intends to provide a unified unit of competency and update all the other induction cards, such as the blue card of Queensland, Victoria’s Red Card, Perth’s green card and NSW’s white card (green in colour).   Charges may be filed against individuals present on a construction site who fail to show their white card upon inspection.

Where can you complete the course?

Worker-573x1024You can complete the CPCCOHS1001A “Work Safely in the Construction Industry” either through a white card online or face-to-face training provided through numerous Registered Training Organisations in Australia.  It is really important that you take the time to choose the right white card training provider. Make suer you only with RTOs that are reputable, accredited and provide a white card (face to face or online) that is accepted in your state or in the state you want to work in.

We recommend you checkout this online training provider. They allow you to complete the course for free and you simply pay for the course once you’ve completed it. Click here now to check them out.

Regardless of which RTO you choose, they will generally deliver similar course content, modules and assessment items. It is just the way of delivery and the customer support that is offered that will differentiate between training providers.

Who has to complete a white card?

Employees and staff involved in the construction industry in all states and territories of Australia are required to have a white card by either completing the white card online or through face-to-face training.  White card online utilises a unified unit of competency, the CPCCOHS1001AWork Safely in the Construction Industry”.  Those who need to have a white card will generally work in the following construction activities (but not limited to), renovations, repairs and refurbishments, housing, civil and building construction, carpentry, asbestos removal, bricklaying, floor, wall and roof ceiling.  Employees or anyone working in a construction job site without a white card can be fined as much as $11,000.

How long does it take to complete the course?

A white card training course can be done through face-to-face training sessions, which takes 6 hours to complete as required and mandated by the legislation.  While a white card online  (often a more convenient option for most) generally takes approximately 2 – 4 hours to complete, depending on the pace completed by the participant. Most white card online courses are available 24/7 and give you the opportunity to log back in an out without losing your place in the course.  White card online training courses is the easiest way to obtain a National Standard White Card, as you get to do the training at your own pace, you can even finish it in a week if you like, you don’t have to pay for parking and travel expenses and you generally get to use the latest audio and video presentations for better learning.

White Card Online vs. Face to Face

As mentioned numerous time, there are two modes of delivery for completing the white card course. First option is to attend a face-to-face training, which is generally done in a classroom based setting. This option is ideal for those who need to receive the card immediately and who have extra time to spend on travelling and self-preparation.  Second option is often the most convenient and efficient way to obtain a white card, which is to enrol in a white card online course right in the comfort of your own home.  There are many people who prefer to take a white card online as it saves them time and they are able to finish the course a lot faster.

When you complete a white card online you will generally have to submit the following (scanned through email or sent via fax):

  • Signed documents of a witness that will testify that you are the one who took the course without any assistance
  • A print out of the supplied Statutory Declaration and having it signed by a Justice of Peace (JP) or a Commissioner for Declarations (C. Dec)
  •  A certified photo ID.

How much does it cost to complete the course?

Fees for the white card training course vary depending on the RTO offering the course.  Some training providers offer the course for around $50 yet some RTOs may charge you up to $80, but there are also those who charge over $100 for the white card course. We did some research for you and came across a training provider who can offer the course online and offer a reasonable price for the course.In fact they allow you to complete the course for free and you simply pay for the course once you pass. Click here now to check them out.

What is the minimum age to complete the course?

To complete a white card online course, you must be over 14 years of age.  You will also need to submit certain documents to the training provider for proof of age but it is best to contact the training provider you choose to obtain a complete list of the necessary documents required.

Do you need to supply any documents to get the white card?

Before RTOs provide you with the white card, they may require you to present the following proof:

  • Copy of Statement of Attainment (this is issued as a temporary certificate that proves your completion of the white card online / classroom based course)
  • A Statutory Declaration form signed by a JP, legal practitioner or C. Dec
  • A certified copy of your photo ID, also signed by either a JP, legal practitioner or C. Dec

Is an Online White Card recognised in every state in Australia?

Yes. An online white card will be accepted in every state in Australia by safety inspectors, so if you have completed it online and it remains current you will pass safety inspections. However some site managers (particularly in South Australia) don’t always accept white cards which have been completed online. If you want to checkout the rules state by state – checkout our page which explains the rules specifically for each state.  Click here to read it now.

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