Completing Your White Card in Queensland

Need To Do Your White Card in Queensland?


What is a white card?

A white card is an important document that people involved in building or construction activities in Queensland must hold. It is also known as the Work Safely in the Construction Industry Card or more commonly know as a White Card Queensland. A White Card Queensland is acquired once you have completed a white card Sydney course from various training providers in Queensland, Australia.

All individuals who already have an old blue card must re-take the new white card QLD course, for the old induction card is invalid in QLD.  A White card is an important health and safety training through CPCCOHS1001A – “Work Safely in the Construction Industry”.   All training providers utilise the same unit of competency, as required by the Occupational Health and Safety Legislation in Queensland.  The new National White Card QLD was put into place to provide a unified construction induction card that will be accepted in all states and territories of Australia.  It now replaces the older induction cards – the blue card, green card and the old white card.

Where can you complete the course?

Numerous training providers in Queensland can offer you a white card Queensland course.  In choosing a training provider, it is best to choose the one that provides a white card in queensland that is recognised and accepted in all states and territories of Australia.

Who has to complete a white card Queensland?

White card Queensland must be obtained by all individuals involved in the following construction activities:

  • Repair, renovations and refurbishment of houses, buildings and structures
  • Excavation
  • Painting, cleaning and landscape work
  • Labourers who perform various construction work
  • Installation of carpets, curtains, cabinets, appliances and sprinklers
  • Electrical, plumbing, road and earth construction activities
  • Survey, inspection and auditing of construction costs (with supervision of anyone holding a white card QLD)

How long does it take to complete the course?

White Card Queensland

It takes approximately 6 hours to complete white card QLD courses through face – to – face training.  However, if you enrol in a white card Queensland online instead, the length of the course varies for it depends on your comprehension skills and your preferred pace.  White card QLD online can take for as little as 2 hours or more than 6 hours.

White card Queensland – How much does it cost?

White card courses vary in terms of cost, as it depends on the training provider you choose to go with.  There are training providers in Queensland that can offer it for only $40, while some charge up to $80 for the white card QLD course.

What is the minimum age to complete the course?

The minimum age to enrol and complete a White Card in Queensland course is 14 years of age.

  1. kathleen flintkathleen flint01-05-2016

    i have lost my white card and require a copy

    • adminadmin01-12-2016

      Hi Kathleen, The best thing to do if you’ve lost your white card is to contact the training provider that you completed the course with. They should be able to help re-issue your white card.

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