White Card Training Course and Its Benefits

White Card Training Course and Its Benefits

If you want to get employed in the construction industry, then an induction white card course is a training program you need to complete to obtain the new National White Card.  The new National White card was put into place the by Occupation Health and & Safety Legislation, to replace the previous induction cards of the different states and territories of Australia.  Workers of the construction industry were previously issued with a green card, red and blue cards.  The new white card intends to unify the construction induction training course and induction card of all places in Australia for the OH&S.

White Cards are granted to participants who completed an OH&S induction training course from different accredited Registered Training Organizations in Australia.  Participants and trainees are the ones responsible in searching for an RTO or training provider that will provide the white card course.  As soon as you complete the white card course, you will be issued with a Statement of Attainment, which will let you perform construction activities within 30 days.  Within those 30 days, you will also receive the nationally recognized white card that will allow you to work in any state or territory of Australia.

From time to time, government authorities visit different construction sites to see whether all workers present in the field have their white card with them or not.  If anyone is caught working in the construction site without a white card to present or any proof of completing an OH&S inductions course, a fine  of up to $11,000 can be charged.

With the help of technology, you can not only complete a white card course through face-to-face training but also online as well.  White card courses online, allows anyone to obtain a more flexible training program as compared to completing it through classroom-based training.  This is because, online training doesn’t require you to spend extra time travelling or look for a parking space.  Participants can even learn and study for the white card course in their own preferred pace and time, thus guaranteeing that he or she is able to absorb and comprehend the lessons better.  Training providers allow participants to pay for the course online, and most schools and institutions permit them to print their statement of attainment and white card.

White card course is not only suited to those who already have a job or career in this industry, but also for trainees and apprentices.  With face-to-face training, the course should be completed within 6 hours, as what the OH&S Legislation requires, but with the online training, almost all participants can complete the white card course for only 2 – 4 hours.  The same topics, materials and content are covered in the online and face-to-face training course.

Generally, the main objective of a white card course is to help individuals working in the construction industry, learn all the necessary safety measures they should follow at all times.  In Australia, white card training course is imposed by the nation’s governing authorities and is implemented in all states and territories of Australia.

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