White Card Training | Everything You Need to Know

Attain a Construction Job by completing White Card Training

What is a white card and white card training?

Let’s take a quick look at what a white card is, then we’ll take a look at where you can complete it, who has to complete it and some other basic information people often want to know before completing a white card.

So, what is a white card course? An OH&S Induction Training Course (White card training) educates individuals working in the construction industry about occupational health and safety requirements. A White Card, an Identification Card that looks like an ATM or Credit Card, is then issued upon successful completion of white card training.

The white card training covers the unit of competency, CPCCOHS1001A“Work Safely in the Construction Industry” has been developed to meet the requirements stated by the Mutual Recognition of the Construction Induction Cards by the National Health and Safety Laws.  The white card intends to update the induction cards of other states and territories in Australia, in NSW, SA, Victoria and Queensland.

To obtain a white card, you must attend the course in an accredited Registered Training Organisation (RTO).  During the white card training, you will learn construction site safety practices, how to keep a safe environment, and proper measures to take in case accidents happen.

Worker-573x1024Where can you complete a white card?

White card training courses can be completed through heaps of different approved and accredited Registered Training Organisations (RTO) all throughout Australia.  It is always best to find an RTO that offers the white card training that will best suit your budget and location.

We can recommend one white card training provider in particular who are accredited by the necessary authorities and offer a great course. They also allow you to complete the course for free and only pay once you have completed it, so click here to check them out now.

Who needs to obtain a white card?

The National Health and Safety Law require individuals who work on a construction job site in NSW, QLD, South Australia and Victoria to obtain a white card through completion of a white card training course from reputable RTOs.

White card training is required for people who:

Work on construction projects, including project managers, supervisors and surveyors, self-employed, labourers, apprentices, trainees and trades persons

  •           Frequently access construction zones unaccompanied by any person with a white card
  •           Are tasked with a  responsibility that involves visiting construction zones often
  •           Weren’t exposed to any construction work for over 2 years
  •           Perform construction activities such as (but not limited to):

Building, Housing construction, Demolition work, Fit outs, Repairs, renovations and refurbishments, Floor, wall and roof tiring

To whom does the code of practice apply to?

The National Code of Practice of Australia intends to protect persons from all the dangers and threats present on a construction zone.  The Code of Practice applies to:

  •           Individuals who take control over construction projects such as the project managers, supervisors, surveyors, employers, self-employed individuals
  •           Persons who carry out construction work, such as labourers, workers, apprentices, trainees
  •           Individuals who regulate construction work, employees, main and sub-contractors

Individuals who are not required to undergo white card training include:

  •           Frequent visitors accompanied by anyone in the construction site who successfully completed a white card training
  •           Persons who are present at any construction zone temporarily such as those who are tasked to deliver materials and supplies.  Other temporary measures to control the risks for these persons can be taken such as implementing a visitor management plan, restriction of access to highly risky areas, requiring visitors to log in and out

Is the qualification nationally recognised?

Successful completion of a construction induction course or white card training will allow you to receive a white card that is nationally recognised and allows you to attain employment in any state or territory of Australia.  However, most RTOs would highly recommend participants to finish the white card training in their own state of residence for their white cards to be acceptable in all areas.

How long does it take to complete a white card course?

To finish a white card training course or program would only take 6 hours to successfully complete for classroom-based or face-to-face training.  The 6 hours of training is required by the legislation and it includes break and registration.  However, for others who find it more convenient and accessible to finish the white card training online, they can accomplish it within 2 – 4 hours, depending on their pace.

How much does it cost?

Most RTOs offer their white card training for $40 – $80.  However, there are others who might go a little over $100.  In choosing which RTO to obtain your white card training from, the RTO that offers it at a higher price doesn’t always necessarily mean that it is the best among all the choices.

How old must I be to complete white card training?

To complete a white card training course or program, one must be over 14 years old.  The point system of the white card training is inapplicable to Secondary students.  With the use of Birth Certificate, Citizenship Certificate or Driver’s License you will be able to verify if the participant is indeed 14 or not.

How long is the white card valid for?

As of July 31 2009, WorkSafe, the government body of every Australian State issued a mandate that national white cards obtained through white card training will no longer expire.  However, the National Code of Practice also states that persons with a white card who were unable to practice or work on any construction activity for over 2 years, must undergo re-training.

Can I do the training course online?

A lot of RTOs provide white card trainings online and due to the mutual recognition principle white cards that are completed in other states (and therefore online) are accepted by safety inspectors throughout Australia. Some site managers prefer you to complete white card training through a face to face training provider and can therefore request that you redo it, however it will be accepted by safety inspectors.

What do I do if I lose my white card?

For a lost construction induction card or white card, it is recommended that you contact the RTO where you conducted your white card training.  Most of the time, they will ask you to contact and fill out a Statutory Declaration or Application to replace a WorkCover NSW OHS induction card form before they provide you with a new white card.


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