White Card – What is a White Card Number?

White Card – What is a White Card Number?

The construction industry in Australia is one of the most lucrative industries in Australia today. Getting a white card number is one of the top requirements in order to be eligible to work in this industry.

So, what is a white card number? A white card number is nothing more than a short course covering safety essentials.

Construction sites are dangerous places. Heavy objects overhead, moving machinery, heights to fall off of. If you plan to spend any time around them, it pays to be informed about how to minimize the risk of injury or death.

While no amount of academic training can replace common sense, awareness of your surroundings, and – at every level from the most junior labourer to the site boss – a culture of not cutting corners, some basic awareness of what not to do and what to look out for will improve your own safety as well as your colleagues’ safety significantly. For this reason, anyone working on a construction site in Australia requires a white card number.

A government inspector can ask for your white card number at any time, and no responsible contractor will take on a new employee who cannot produce one. On the job, you’ll also feel safer knowing each of your colleagues has completed the training.

How to Get a White Card Number

There are a large number of RTOs (Registered Training Organizations) throughout the country, accredited to conduct the training and issue the card. The training basically provides an introduction to workplace health and safety in the building industry, some applicable legislation, and risk mitigation. A white card issued in one state is acceptable throughout the country.

There are even online white card courses available. Considering the immediate employment opportunities (and increased protection) it allows, the cost of one of these is quite reasonable. A list of RTOs can easily be obtained from websites online, but we do have a particular training provider that we highly recommend. They offer the white card number courses for free and require payment only after you have successfully completed the course. This offer is a wise option and will allow you to focus on your training all throughout as you can rest assured that you’ll be getting value for your money. The courses are demanding enough, and the last thing you need on your mind while on training is the uncertainty of whether or not you’ll be getting the desired results for the courses that you’ve paid for.

How to Find my White Card Number

If you’ve lost your white card, you have to contact the RTO which initially provided your training. This process requires a fee as well as your personal details exactly as they have them on file. A statutory declaration stating that you did in fact complete the training, and stating the circumstances under which the card was lost, may also be required. The new card will be mailed to you and you can typically expect to see it within a few days.

How to Search for a White Card Number

As a security measure, each white card has a unique number. It would be a good idea to make a note of this (and other personal information) and store it in a safe place, but it is also possible to retrieve it from the government database wherein you just enter your details. This will put you in contact with the relevant RTO, which will be able to give you your number.

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