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We have seen so many boring white card videos online so we decided to make something a little bit different and we found an awesome video animation specialist and voice over guy who put this fun video together for us. The white cards video outlines the purpose of our website and it shows how we try to help you find the best white card training provider for you, no matter what state you live in. Checkout our video and we’ve even added the full transcript in here for you, incase you don’t want to watch the whole thing! We do hope you like the video and would love to here any feedback you have so feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page – or send us a message on our contact us page.


0:00: Meet Jack,
0:02: Jack was really really good at building
0:05: So good in fact, he decided to hang up his apron and join the world of construction.
0:10: So like any passionate young person he decided to do some research and turned to the wisest person he knew
0:15: He figured he needed an apprenticeship, some tools and a Ute.
0:19: Soon enough he was ready to rock.
0:21: However, Jack had almost forgotten the most important thing for someone working in construction
0:26: So, the smart guy that he is, he decided to go back to the wisest person he knew to find
out more.
0:32: Soon he was bombarded with website after website, however he knew a white card was a legal requirement so he was on a mission.
0:39: However, after researching 257 white card training providers, he had had enough.
0:44: Ready to murder someone, and unable to make a decision, Jack called his mate Johnno who already worked in construction.
0:51: After a long discussion about everything but white cards, Jack finally asked him what to do.
0:59: Johnno simply gave him a website where he could get all the answers to his questions
in one place and he couldn’t stop raving about it.
1:02: Jack could not be more excited. He dropped the phone and ran to his laptop and there
it was. Everything he needed.
1:08: He looked up all the answers to the questions he had and he couldn’t believe it — they’d researched training providers for him. He thought he’d struck gold.
1:16: So he checked them out and realised they were the best he’d seen, so he enrolled within minutes, completed the course, received his card and Jack was finally ready to rock and roll.
1:26: Jack went on to complete his apprenticeship, use the tools, drive his ute and party too
1:30: much. Thanks to his white card training Jack and his workmates stayed safe, he kept the worksafe regulators happy and he met a girl. Awwwwww
1:37: The END
1:39: Whitecardinfo.com.au
1:40: The all-in-one website which provides everything you need to know about white card training in any state in Australia. Designed for any person who wants to work in construction and
1:49: wants advice on which training provider to use. Check it out now.