Why Safety Training is So Important

For a long time, safety in the workplace was not always the top priority of employers. So government departments stepped in to ensure that employers were taking their responsibility seriously and introduced a lot of new laws in order to protect workers. The laws have become a lot stricter and regulations are now enforced by worksafe.

Worksafe now encourage businesses to put safety as the number one priority in business. They encourage them to plan for it, invest in it, manage it and regulate it.

This video advertisement by Worksafe was a direct message to business owners, telling them not to ignore workplace safety. It was a very compelling and successful campaign and really gets the message across that employers should not ask employees to do something they would not do. Check it out, it’s really worth watching.

In order to reduce the likelihood of hazards Worksafe recommend these three steps.

  • Find the hazards – asking employees is one of the best places to start. Despite it being a legal requirement that you must discuss safety with them – it is certainly smart management. Working with the employees now and then is also a great way to look out for hazards. Seeing things first hand gives you a great insight into potential problems.
  • Assess the risk – Are there hazards that pose more of a risk than others? Ensure you deal with the most serious first. Have a think about what the potential dangers are of your possible hazards. Are we talking scratches and bruises? Or is it something a lot more serious. Then once they’ve been identified, do something about them straight away. Don’t wait – it’s not worth it.
  • Fix the problem – You must work to eliminate the risk altogether. If it can’t be completely eliminated then work towards reducing the risk. Also – don’t forget that worksafe inspectors can show up at any time, so you don’t want to risk them showing up and shutting your business down for unsafe working conditions.

The most important thing for businesses and for those that are working, is to ensure the safety of themselves and everyone around them. It’s not worth it.

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