Asbestos Awareness Course

Completing an Asbestos Awareness Course

What is Asbestos Awareness Course?

Employers and all staff working with asbestos ought to consider an asbestos awareness course as an important concept that must adhered to. Some job occupations may require smaller degree of training, but those that highly involves asbestos, require a more extensive and detailed training.

Asbestos awareness course is a legal requisite of the OHS law among those with job responsibilities with asbestos-related job occupations and employed in buildings or sites built before 2000 where high presence of asbestos is more likely.

Asbestos Awareness course will inform managers, employers and employees of the health and safety hazards and risks that are more likely to develop in workplaces considered great sources of asbestos, and the proper procedures to take when this naturally occurring mineral is accidentally discovered. Training is mandatory for those with duties that involve asbestos and those who were affected because of disturbing a building’s fabric. The “Duty Holder”, the one mainly responsible for construction project, is also a recipient of the valuable benefits of the training. This is because, awareness of the maintenance, alterations and repairs regularly performed in the workplace are also taught in asbestos awareness course.

What are the topics involved?

A wide range of topics and information are discussed during the course, thus, after completion, trainees are expected to be aware of the following:

  • Proper identification of asbestos and its properties. Possible risks and effects to health, especially with smokers.
  • Description of the various types of asbestos and determine where ACMs are more likely present in buildings and plants.
  • The reasons for the use of asbestos insulation, asbestos cement, insulating boards and ACMs.
  • Health hazards and risks whenever ACMs release fibre.
  • Gaining awareness of the proper assessment used to determine presence of asbestos before starting with work
  • Competency regarding emergency procedures to follow when accidentally contacting ACMs
  • OHS legislations specifically implemented for asbestos to meet 4th and 5th regulations of Control of Asbestos Regulations (CAR)

Who should complete the training?

Asbestos awareness course is directed towards employees, staff and the management team with duties and plan activities that are to be executed in buildings, construction sites or any other premises. High-quality training provides asbestos awareness among trainees, offering them great information, including some effective measures that will meet their health, safety and environment responsibilities.

  • According to the OHS laws of Australia, specific asbestos awareness course is to be complied by:
  • Those inclined with a higher risk of disturbing asbestos while working
  • Executes planned, yet non-licensed asbestos activities
  • Are present in premises or venues that involves the use of asbestos
  • Employed as a staff who needs to perform licensed work

Where can I obtain Asbestos Awareness course?

Health, safety and environment professionals who are highly experienced in delivering quality training are hired by various reputable training providers all across Australia, to conduct high-quality Asbestos Awareness Course. This training course can be completed through face-to-face or in person training. For those who need a flexible time and schedule, online training is probably their best option. Trainees for online Asbestos Awareness Course are privileged to complete the whole couse according to their preferred pace. Recording of the progress allow trainees to take beaks in between and return later.

Several training providers deliver high-quality training for asbestos awareness in different states and territories of Australia. Since each is governed by their own judicial authorities, each has their own part governed by their own particular authority, thus, differ in RSG requirements. It is important for trainees to determine the RSG requirements for their state or in any state they intend to work in.

How long will it take to complete asbestos awareness course?

As with most online participants, completing the whole course took only 2 – 3 hours (in just one session). Indeed, a cost and time-effective option for your asbestos awareness course


As soon as the asbestos awareness course is completed, the trainee shall receive a certificate of competency. Presentation of such document is a great illustration of an employer complying with the requirements under Work Health and Safety and an approach to due diligence. An approved asbestos awareness certificate is immediately available for printing as soon as online training is completed.

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