Best Training For Your White Card

Best Training For Your White Card


Looking to find the best training provider for your white card? A white card is a legal requirement for anyone who is considering working in the construction industry so it’s vital that you find the best training provider – not just the cheapest.

In order to find the best training provider for you it’s important to go through the following points to make sure the training provider suits your needs and location.

Compare Prices

When looking to complete your white card training it’s really important that you find a course that fits within your budget. Although we generally want to spend as little as possible, you need to make sure that the price you pay is not compromising the actual training you will receive. The white card training is really important as it is a compulsory requirement for anyone who wants to work in the construction industry in Australia and it aims to provide you with the knowledge of how you can stay safe on a job site.The cost of the white card course varies significantly depending on which training provider you use, and whether you choose to do the course online or face to face. For an online course it will generally cost between $40 – $80 to complete the course, and if you do it through face to face training then it will cost around $140 – $180.Don’t forget that the white card course is tax deductible for those who go on to work in the industry so for the sake of $20-$30 being the difference between training providers – search for the best, not necessarily for the cheapest.

Make sure you check they’re accredited

nationally_recognised_training_logoMaking sure a training provider is accredited is really important. Although it’s not all that common that a training provider who offers the course isn’t accredited, you just never know these days because it’s easy for people to setup sites which claim to be registered when in fact, they’re not. If you get caught up in using a training site like this and the certificate you receive is not actually valid then you could find yourself in a little bit of trouble. When you’re looking for training providers, make sure you look out for the ‘nationally recognised training’ logo on their site and also try and go to their about us section and check that they have an ‘RTO Number’. This will generally indicate that they are a registered training organisation and it’s safe to use them. If you want to do a further check to make sure it’s legitimate then head to this website and enter the RTO number you found on their website. It’s here that you’ll find out the information about the company and whether they are authorised to offer the training in Australia.

Find testimonials or reviews on the course

Although it can be a little hard to find reviews and testimonials for white card training providers – have a look on their website and see what other people are saying about the course.

Speak with your site manager if you know where you will be working

If you already have a job lined up then it could be a good idea to speak to the site manager to see if they have any recommendations of where you should complete the course. This is particularly useful if you live in South Australia because site managers can be a little strict and not allow people who have completed the white card course online to work on a job site until they’ve completed face to face training. Although legally, a safety inspector will always accept white cards completed online in South Australia, it is site managers who can be a bit stricter and request that you complete face to face training.

Decide between online white card training or face to face training

When deciding on the best training white card provider then you will want to consider whether you do online training or face to face training. These are the benefits of both;

White-Card-Online-2-2Benefits of Online Training

* No Travel Costs
* Convenient – do it in your own time
* Some training providers allow you to pay on completion, meaning you simply pay when you pass.
* You can complete the course at your own pace
* It is generally quicker to complete the course.

Benefits of Face to Face Training

White-Card-Training-Providers small* Easier to ask questions to your instructors during face to face training
* Employers can sometimes show a preference for a qualification completed through face to face classroom workshops.
* Collaborative learning – you can learn with others
* Can be more engaging

Who we recommend you checkout for white card training

When it comes to completing your white card training it’s important you find a good training provider. We are not a registered training organisation we simply provide visitors with the information they need to make  a decision about who to complete the course with. We recommend one company in particular because they allow you to complete the course for free and you simply pay when you pass. This is a pretty big plus because they basically allow people to try the course without having to pay for it. This gives you the opportunity to test whether you like the course they have created and if you’re not happy then you don’t have to pay. Therefore they have to offer a great course and great support otherwise they’ll lose you as a customer. Pretty simple really. That’s why they have a big two thumbs up from us. Check them out for yourself and enrol in the course with them and see what you think – I mean, it’s free – what’s the harm in that right? Click here now to check out the training provider we recommend.