Blue Card Application

What You Need to Know About Blue Card Application

Safety isn’t an issue industries take lightly. This is why certain standards and strict requirements must be met before you’re given a job in any construction site or any high-risk work environment where hazards could lead to serious accidents. Beyond making sure that every potential employee has achieved proper training for his or her specific job, companies also have to require workers to accomplish state and national requirements on occupational health and safety training.

This mandatory training is completed with a blue card application. Whether you’re an electrician, a truck driver, or a site manager, if your job has you entering any construction site, you need to have a blue card. The construction safety training certificate is now nationally known as the “white card.” The blue card was previously used by Western Australia (WA), and should not be confused with Queensland’s blue card system, which applies to people who have to work with children and young people. In Tasmania the certificate used to be referred to as the green card, while in Victoria, it was the red card.

When applying for your blue card or white card, you need to first choose a registered training organisation (RTO), register for your course, and give documentation that will verify your identity when you complete the course. The documentation is required to guarantee that you have indeed, legitimately, obtained your safety training certificate, and that you are well-equipped with the awareness and skills to meet the safety standards at your workplace.

If you already have a blue card, don’t worry. You don’t need to replace it or change it to the general construction induction card, or the white card – unless, of course, it gets lost or damaged. The Queensland blue cards are still widely accepted throughout Australia.

Another key thing to concern yourself about when applying for a blue card or white card is to know which states recognise online induction training and which states do not. Some states only honour classroom induction training and do not accept training received through online instruction.

Finally, before arranging an online or classroom safety training course to obtain your blue card or white card, always look over the course outline. Your RTO should give you the topics to be covered. The course should teach you the basic principles of health and safety in the construction industry, OHS legislation in your state, risk management and hazard identification, emergencies and first-aid, and other relevant safety issues.

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