How to Apply for a White Card

How to apply for a White Card in Australia

So you want to know how to apply for a white card in Australia? Let’s take a look at all of the information you need to know for your application. We’ll take a look at what a white card is, where you can apply for one, what the requirements are, how long it will take and how much it will cost.

What is a White Card?

A White Card is a prerequisite for anyone working, or planning to work, in a construction site.

Construction sites are busy workplaces where lots of different activities are going on at the same time. New entrants to the workplace may suffer injury if they are not educated about the risks involved or the protective gear they could use whilst at work. The seasoned ones may also be in the habit of complacency, taking for granted what they have been trained to do or wear in the workplace. Anything can happen in such work environment.

To increase and maintain awareness of and avoid hazardous situations, all construction workers in Australia aged 14 and older are required to take the CPCCOHS1001A – Work Safely in the Construction Industry “White Card” training course. These are offered by nationally recognised Registered Training Organisations (RTOs). By law, employers and construction agencies are mandated to require all employees to have a White Card; otherwise, they will face serious consequences and penalties if they are caught to have employed anyone without it.

It is your permanent proof as well as your employer’s proof, that you have already taken the training course. The card has no expiration date, is non-transferable and is valid in all states of Australia no matter where you take training course as long as you’ve continuously worked in the industry and not a break of more than 2 years.

Where can I apply for a White Card?

You can apply for a White Card with any RTO or training provider in Australia. It’s best to do a little bit or research before you start the training to make sure you find a training provider that is accredited to offer the course in the state you want to work in. We did some of the leg work for you and found a training provider we can recommend, so click here to check them out.

When was the new card introduced?

The White Card was introduced to harmonise the Occupational Health and Safety systems as well as meet the mutual recognition of the construction induction cards among states and territories of Australia. The White Card replaces the other state-specific coloured cards such as the Red Card of Victoria, Blue Card of Queensland and Green Card of New South Wales. These coloured cards are no longer being issued today.

What are the requirements needed when applying for a White Card?

Getting a White Card is very manageable. Depending on which provider you choose, training companies usually have easy-to-follow steps on how to obtain a White Card. To process an application, training providers will require from you a valid photographic ID that contains your date of birth. These may be any of the following:

  • Current and valid driver’s license
  • Passport
  • 18 plus card
  • School identity card

If you are under 16 years of age, you must also provide a certified copy of your birth certificate or written statement on school letterhead by your school principal confirming your attendance. You must also provide your current postal address.

In case you cannot provide any of the mentioned IDs, training providers will require any three of the following:

  • Work identity card
  • Medicare card
  • Birth certificate
  • Credit card
  • Land title record
  • Rates notice
  • Public utility account
  • Land line telephone account
  • Bank account or credit card statement

Training providers may also require you to fill out specific forms that may vary from one provider to another.

How long does a White Card training course take?

A face-to-face White Card training course may take six hours to complete. With the onset of online learning, you may now also apply for White Card online which can take two to four hours to complete. Online White Card training courses will require a broadband or cable internet connection, PC or laptop and speakers or headphones as the course contain audio presentations.

How much does it cost?

The cost of a getting a White Card varies per provider, but the rates are usually under the $100 mark. There are training providers who also offer cheaper prices for bulk White Card applications, such as when employers purchase a training course for all their employees to take the course at the same time.

There are many training providers that offer cheap White Card training courses; however, it is not always the case that the ones with the lowest prices offer the best training. As they say, we will always get what we pay for. So in choosing a training provider, consider their accreditation as well as their track record.

We did the research for you. Check out this particular White Card training provider that we recommend. Their rates are affordable, but what makes them a cut above the rest is that they allow you to take the course for free and require you to pay only when you have already passed the course!

What happens once you’ve completed the course?

Once you complete and pass the course, whether through face-to-face or online training, a certificate or statement of attainment will be issued to you as proof that you have already taken and passed the training. The permanent plastic card will be sent through post to the current address that you indicated on your White Card application; therefore, it is very crucial that you provide this important information accurately. It usually takes 1–3 days before you receive your permanent White Card by post. Once you receive it, we recommend that you bring it with you at all times; we never know when accidents will occur or when inspections will be conducted. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

So now you know how to apply for a white card, if you are looking for a particular training provider then make sure you checkout this one, they allow you to complete the course for free and simply pay for it when you pass.