The White Card Training Course

The White Card Training Course

The White Card Training Course is a program that is utmost important for all persons working within the construction industry of Australia.  The training is provided and required in all states and territories of Australia.  Although construction induction cards were already issued previously, such as the “red card, “blue card” and the “red card”, the Australian government pursued to initiate a better card for a more organized system for the construction industry.  The issuance of the white card is within the Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) requirements.  It is also necessary for persons present in construction sites to carry their white cards with them at all times to avoid catching the attention of proper authorities.

Type of Training

To obtain a white card and get a job in the construction industry, the unit of competency, CPCCOHS1001A Work safely in the Construction Industry for the white card training is a course you are required by law to complete.  The course is available not only offline (face-to-face training), but online as well.  White card online training makes it more possible for anyone to accomplish the course anytime, any day or anywhere they may be.  As soon as a participant finishes the course, a white card and Statement of Attainment shall be granted. There are tons of training providers on the web that offers White card online training, thus it’s important that you secure your training and certificate from one that is recognized by the necessary authorities.

All throughout the training, there are several topics discussed that will help you identify your duties and obligations as an occupational security personnel.  Generally, it includes identification of the potential hazards and threats in construction sites that can lead to accidents and injuries, discussion of the security symbols, techniques of reporting injury, proper measures to take whenever emergency situations arise and many others.  White card training is necessary for those who are involved in any of the following construction activity (but not limited to):

  • House and civil construction
  • Development
  • Electricity
  • Concretes
  • Plumbing
  • Brick Laying
  • Wood Work
  • Steel Construction
  • Demolition of houses and buildings
  • Paint jobs
  • Floor and roof tiling
  • Refurbishment and renovation

Before anyone is allowed to do any construction activity, white card training must first be accomplished.  Employers, including supervisors and project managers can also keep their careers secure and business sage by ensuring that all applicants have their white card upon submission of their application and requirements. In fact, the white card must be on hand before an individual is hired.  Beholders must have their white card with them during operation and must be able to present it to the proper authorities upon inspection.

Thorough understanding of the OHS requirements is well understood as soon as the training is accomplished.  Taking necessary precautions are easier since hazards and threats present in a construction site are well identified.  Proper responses during emergencies and appropriate reporting can take place.  Several actions and measures become easier and more effective with a white card course.




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