Why it’s so important you get your white card

Here’s Why It’s So Important You Get Your White Card…

A White Card is simply the most common term used to refer to Construction Induction Training Work Safely in the Construction Industry CPCCOHS1001A.

It is a mandatory course of training that provides basic knowledge of construction work, including safe work practices, risk management, safety signs, personal safety protection and fire safety equipment.

People who take this course will learn about the basic principles of health and safety in the construction industry as well as information about preventing workplace injury and illness. You find out information about workplace injury management and workers compensation.

The White Card then serves as proof that you have already completed the General Construction course. This course is absolutely compulsory to anyone who works or wants to work in the construction industry.

Basically, people who want to being a career of any position, either as a worker, apprentice, project manager or supervisor on a construction job site in Australia are all required by National Health & Safety Law to obtain a White Card before they can work on any construction activity.

A ‘White Card’ (previously called ‘Blue card’) is the phrase used to describe the plastic card issued by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) indicating that a person has undertaken general induction training for construction work.

According to the Work Health and Safety regulations, workers on construction sites in Australia must go through general training or ‘White Card training’ and have validation of their attendance from the course before they are permitted to commence work on a construction site. The Work Health and Safety regulations outline this requirement. It’s like a ‘Gatepass’ to the various opportunities in the construction industry.

The National Standard for Construction Work was amended to protect all persons who are at great risk of harm from the hazards related with construction work. This Code of Practice requires them to receive the appropriate type of induction training that will educate them about the hazards involved in working on construction sites and how to manage these hazards competently.

The Code of Practice applies to everyone involved in a construction job, including: People who must obtain White Card course when working on a construction industry, but not limited to the following:

  • Contractors
  • Builders
  • Self Employed
  • Labourers
  • Apprentices and trainees
  • Trades Personal
  • Project Supervisors and Manager
  • Employees who are recommended for re trainning

The length of the white card training course depends on where and how you plan to complete it. The White Card training course is nationally accredited all throughout the country and can be done either Face to Face (on site) or online. Face to face training takes 6 hours to complete as stated by the ordinances. Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of time to travel and physically attend to on site classroom based training. So the alternative is the online based training that usually takes only 2- 4 hours to complete, depending on their personal preferences and student’s pace. White Card training course is not applicable to anyone who is below 14 years old and to secondary school students.

All across Australia, there are heaps of training sources that provides a white card training course, each that offer training for different costs. When you are searching for a particular training provider, then make sure you enrol with a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) that is Worker accredited and offers the course that is accepted in your state.

These training providers may be similar when it comes to the service they offer, because of the mutual admission between the states and territories of Australia, but they will definitely differ in location and cost of the course. We recommend you checkout one training provider in particular who allow you to complete the course for free and simply pay when you pass.
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The best thing about having a White Card, aside from being eligible to work in construction sites is that a White Card has no expiration date at all! it is formally declared by the government of Australia. However, a person in change of a construction site can require a person to undertake refresher training if they consider it necessary and they do need to remain working in the industry to remain valid.





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